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  1. If ur not gonna come wiv beneficial advice, don't bother commenting. Thank you for your useless input my e friend.
  2. I 5 durts I shoulda gone wiv ee but I didn't wana pay the bill kmt Only way to cancel a contract is to write to then on prison headed paper and say u got locked up U reckon its worf a shot
  3. Lake District ? Looking for a cheap weekend away How much will it cost
  4. How to draw a ting in a group environment ?? Like shud man jus say to her "leme chat to u ok ur own for a second"
  5. Big up the man who never went down Real goons
  6. Can I jus take a moment to lol at her female boss tattoo
  7. Ending of man on fire A life for a life Mad emosh Shed tears watching that
  8. Lool real talk Rwd days were sick Life was sick
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