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  1. What's man like Jay z sayin
  2. ^^ you should even be looking at babes when it's Ramadan ak
  3. Ankle socks wid di gordans for the maximum of spills in di hills
  4. par

    Nice day and ting

    FBG weather Skurrrrrr tan ap
  5. iam hench so i dont need to wear flashy clothes to make them look good u no dem way dere
  6. its just a normal day to a park no need to go all out shorts/tee/crep ur nice
  7. par

    The Festival thread

    fuck nas // bums will be slapped
  8. u copping a drop just for wireless?
  9. par


    looking for a quick 5 days at the end of aug anywhere on those bait party european islands just not ibiza,napa or malia how much am i lookng at all inclusive? ( self catering) not looking to get bumped someone direct me to a site please last minute aint really helping thanks
  10. par

    Entrepreneur Thread

    are you into sublimation/printing by any chance?
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