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  1. biggest let down of 2019.. what a shit game. we deserved better
  2. just close the forum already... its embarrasing
  3. fuck swiftie. this thread should have been the goat sports room thread tonight kmt
  4. nah this guy isnt right in the head. people like him need to catch a headshot
  5. fully fuck knows how this took 3 months. even with technical difficulties. swifties own fault tbh, sites a ghost town
  6. ramsey leaving burns me more than sanchez and van persie
  7. saw the story and was praying the suspect wasnt black black man arrested earlier
  8. bought myself a razer blade 15 4k ting.. no gifts, too old for that
  9. badmind tho.. imagine getting stabbed at a donnys event and he hasnt even shouted you to see if youre okay. defo deserves some tumps
  10. rah... its that old?! theres me thinking these new age fredo niggas invented it. must have sang cams bar 100 times in the car thinking hes talking about an actual bus
  11. my suit rental is buying a suit from asos and then returning it once im done. done it like 5 times this year. fuck a moss bros even pop the tags and just put the busted tags in the package with the worn clothes ?
  12. who cares how it's spelt. its said the exact same way
  13. bussdown this is the moment i felt truly old. it still confuses me how it even came about.to me the word has connotations of old, shit, dilapidated.. but apparently means expensive.
  14. when the autotune dropped >>>
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