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  1. Anita


    ooh careful luce and terri, looks like you've got yourselves a bit of a stalker! haha
  2. Anita

    riddles ...

    ooh i know some of the answers, but not all, post up all the answers terri!!!!! its gonna annoy me!!!!!
  3. Anita


    tipperrrrrrr i loveeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu my sexy beast
  4. Anita

    gimme 5 things.......

    ainsley harriotgorden ramseydelia smithjamie olivertipper demus 5 s*x positions...go go gou cheated tipper!erm....paristouolusenantescalaiscannesgimme 5.....cadburys chocolate bars?
  5. Anita

    Concentration tests

    haha needless to say i did not have a clue where the little red ball was!!!
  6. Anita

    gimme 5 things.......

    trainershigh heelsbootsflip flopsclogsgimme 5 (ooh hard one coming up) TV chefs
  7. Anita

    tell me tell me

    a lump of coal and a satsuma
  8. Anita


    happy christmas everyone!!!did u know its illegal to eat mince pies today???? dont do it people....
  9. Anita

    men bashin jokes

    lol laura! whats with all the anti-men posts tho???
  10. Anita

    Anyone going dv8 this fri & sat?

    nah going back up to birmingham this weekend for a spot of raving, will try n reach friday next week if its jus over 18s, will reach saturdays in......a few years :evil:
  11. Anita

    Fao: Lucie/Brixton.....

    haha dont worry bout it laura i aint easily offended!
  12. Anita

    Fao: Lucie/Brixton.....

    lol glad to hear it young man
  13. Anita


    well i read it all chase, and it renewed my interest in my degree subject! now if you'll excuse me, im off to read the new scientist
  14. Anita

    Fao: Lucie/Brixton.....

    oi what about me tipper!