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  1. Still can sign in lol Got lots of laughs off here over the years Glad some are still posting. Will try come here more often Hope your all doing well
  2. Open panel shows https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJpagb1dXnB--pnI8lE1eQA https://www.youtube.com/user/JEDIGBH/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfkUdLcxx-7P3pVJu4DOow Podcasts Star Report htps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM4aU1V9Ztg-epBsP17efWg Joey Diaz - CWHN https://www.youtube.com/user/madflavorsworld
  3. Thun


    Enjoyed this Started watching this
  4. Need the season of football with a 10 day run of games, I think Neville mentioned doing this
  5. Stay safe all Would be good to get any updates on here too from any experiences
  6. Happy New Year everyone Make VIP2 great again
  7. Trump will make the NHS great again
  8. You must be farr right Justin and what other party then Farages looks at climate change as a scam You have more in common then you think @Da Luv Doc
  9. Corbyn backs Brexit and is anti establishment looooooool This was the case 20 years ago but sold out and has become the pathetic figure we see today Let’s see first whether they are willing to negotiate again
  10. It’s you who thinks that’s a big problem as you got nothing else of substance to put the man down You think sucking up to Corbyn who is a terror sympathiser is ok but Farage making money is bad It sums up why you are whiney jealous losers and will only get worse because you are bad mind and suffering mentally for taking too many L’s
  11. Is that he best you could come with looool Another L for remainers desperate to tarnish Farage but failing every time I don’t think anyone gives a shit except for a few whiney remainers
  12. Your viscous nasty agenda of accusing those of hate when it’s you who is angry and hateful that you lost and continue to lose You don’t even know the history of what Farage been doing it goes back nearly 20 years of him speaking out against the EU so it ain’t just recent years, your wrong and clueless like most of remainers We will remember the likes of you as very hateful and nasty people who could not take the loss and went all out trying to bring the country down but look at you now and who is having the last laugh
  13. It’s people like you Dub who have the most hatred in your heart You lost a referendum and all you can do is cry accusing others of being hateful when it’s the likes of you who push visious nasty agendas and support a terror sympathiser like Corbyn
  14. It’s sad you have resulted to the racist label when getting crushed with facts You been brainwashed by mainstream media telling you everyone is racist who is Brexit and supports Farage I thought by now a man of your intellect would of broke free of those chains but you still suck it up lovingly
  15. The EU is crumbling and countries would have collapsed if they was not bailed out I don’t want Junker and them types having control over us it’s that simple, we can do better as a sovereign nation governing our own destiny I ain’t saying Farage is perfect and he is upper class but he isn’t an elitist, he ain’t in that globalist club. Judge the man by his actions and words, look at those always going after him, the same crooks who push the hard leftist agenda the real faciists
  16. The only one from way back fighting back against globalists and wanting mankind to advance not go backwards degrading living standards like tory and labour do now year after year
  17. Shalom to you brother
  18. Anyone with the money he has would be classed as an elitist but he aint a elite globalist wanting to destroy nation states He told one black person they have low IQ because they asked a stupid question, did he say the all blacks have low IQ? If I called you racist you would want me to provide proof not say some random women told me you used racist words without any evidence, not really fair you still calling him racist bit still no quotes or footage Let them have there 2nd amendment, love or hate it its there country, not for us to decide there way of life If jones is paid for by the globalists why did they ban him from the platforms and even paypal?
  19. Peace to you Justin Yes he is rich but does not mean he supports globalists, he opposes them and there evil agendas, that why people like blair, bush, soross and countless other globalists hate him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ07h-HccLo It will help if you can provide evidence his racist and not just what the mainstream media told you Why you pissed at the coyboys and jones, let them live there lives
  20. Geezer you have no business calling anyone a nut when your posting up pics of yourself with beaten up 1990's wallabees
  21. What made you turn into a loony lefty who believes everyone is racist? White middle/upper class far leftys are using ethnics as a great tool to further the hate, once they have fulfilled there use they will be chucked in with the white majority that are labelled racist for being nationalist Mainstream media and globalists hate trump and farage as they are dismantling the globalist agenda, they want to put the people of there country first, whats wrong with that? Poor jones, had to take him down after he caused major damage to there agenda, thats what happens when you keep speaking the truth, if he was speaking crap they would have left him alone Any footage or quotes of them being racist, please prove, i will accept your apology when you come back with nothing
  22. Typical hard left snobby middle class sandal wearing wimp to suggest all white people who dont support your views are dumb Your cringe always trying to beg other races but they look down on you as can see your some fake guy
  23. There you go supporting mainstream media by labelling anyone who wanted brexit and the destruction of the new world order as farr right, you been found out, your a globalist stooge doing there bidding
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