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  1. Definitely the saddest loss to UK Music in a while. Truly shocking.
  2. Saying I need to register as a member 🥴
  3. How come I cant view topics? Wont let me message admins?
  4. Corbyn and all similar politicians can only work in countries with relatively intelligent and conscientious people. Multicultural England is the opposite of that... For now all this country deserves is extreme right wingers that are practical enough to drain the growing swamp in this country, and at least lay the groundwork for a left wing socialist government in 20 years lol.
  5. ag.

    African Child

    Say what u like about AC, but all these ‘tough guy’ ‘road’ rappers had their skirt pulled up by a mad Congolese uncle... just yesterday he dissed Young Spray’s dead mum. On top of everything else he said about the other guys. And nothing done to him yet except split lip lol but these guys chatting shit on their music 🤣 In an ideal world all these cunts will kill each other simultaneously 😎👍🏾
  6. ag.

    African Child

    Why would you even set up this account u utter mong 🙂 it’s a rhetorical question
  7. ag.

    African Child

    When two African uncles low on education and high on indoctrination collide, it’s an unstoppable force 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. ag.

    Welcome back

    Instagram in the past two years has got more UK based accounts which are basically like VIP2 tho Reddit is too white and nerdy but its good for its own reasons.
  9. ag.

    African Child

    Obviously not...
  10. ag.

    African Child

    You can never understand people like AC until you understand the place they came from/were born in
  11. I can't forget my roots, still yammin Pilau rice and Kachumbari
  12. ag.

    African Child

    wait im lost who is white? And yeah AC is 1000% about what he says. He is one of those Congolese olders who came to this country already full of PTSD due to Congo civil war. The road life was nothing for man like 'AC' The guy is too entertaining tho i just genuinely hope he doesnt die before the end of the year....
  13. ag.

    African Child

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nck4SEAceio&t=2612s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vU36G8k8po Congolese Uncle with a death wish lol How come all these 'gangster' 'bad boy' rappers aren't pulling up on AC?
  14. You trampy yardie lool i bet you look like a young Mutabaruka with your bruk down Wallabee wearing self looool
  15. Your Jamo intellectual hero is a hustler. I can respect him raising di funds off the back of gullible people at least tho.
  16. Kindly refer to what your Jamaican hero says at 0:20 seconds in! The little c*nt can't just say Scottish. He has to put sauce on it and say 'Celtic' as well... I feel visceral disgust for this man and his brain dead followers...
  17. He is Half Jamaican and 'half celt', which is his way of saying half Jamo half scotttish. Truly deluded little c*nt of a man.
  18. He's just a fucking deluded Jamaican making money off the seemingly never ending line of black people wanting someone to convince them they descend from royalty and all the other fairy tales the 'pro Black' lot believe in...
  19. Victimhood and delusion. How fucking stupid do ppl have to be to think racism works one way. & this is a very common belief nowadays. A lot of black people look so fucking dumb when they say certain things but the PC culture in this country just encourages the victimhood to continue.
  20. Definitely a Nigerian auntie who did that... Notice most of these girls on Social Media constantly attacking black men due to their non-black partner are usually Nigerian or Ghanaian. These girls have been poisoned by their mothers clearly. The entitlement is mental. The very worst types of African women. My biggest fear is breeding a black girl by accident and finding out later on she’s Nigerian ??❗️
  21. ag.

    Young Spray

    EVERYTHING about this 'scene' is childish and stupid when you deep it. A lot of Black people in this country are so lost and have been from day.
  22. ag.


    Shaat up u Kaaaaant... and I ain't talking Immanuel loooool #bantzz
  23. Pipe down you fuckin silly c*nt.
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