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  1. I dunno what there is to debate about. A poor representative of a genre full of thousands of brilliant artists at an underground level is hailed as the flag holder by the mainstream Shock
  2. This country is due to deliver some Robocop Bigga Ford/Reneto Adams murder squad. That's very brave chat. Police probably duppied the Goldfinger guy in Kent or wherever, and he thinks he can't be touched? They bodied Anthony Grainger calm. They shot a white guy in Cambridgeshire for having a drunken domestic with his missus, what does he think this country is. Madman. Chill out bro, its hyperbole
  3. What you think some kind of logical thought process was applicable here?
  4. im not right in the head Rah you're supernova? You used to be normal You tun fool now Naaa.... Still normal Speaking of normal
  5. Sounds cheap, What ever is being charged on beatport is probably a Donald Bump pal
  6. Are u kidding me Takes me back.... anyone got a relatively clear Mp3 of this ? I need that 07 in the blacked out corsa vibe
  7. well you obviously do not give a sh*t about Britain or your financially illiterate. Which is normal probably 95% of the country is. The application of interest especially to something of the magnitude of 2000% is flawed. Right now we have a debt based society where most of the country live in debt whether it be mortgage student loan bills loans whatever. People are going out to get these quick fix loans as they are desperate and have no choice in relieving financial strains. This debt based society is perpetuating to a point that no longer will it be impossible to pay our debts, it will become impossible to pay the interest! Now tell me how are institutions such as pay day loan companies helping the economies Debt Cancer? Read Peter Schiff : How and economy grow and why it crashes Jack Weatherford The history of money John Maynard Keynes The general theory of employment, interest and money or watch Zeitgeist addendum or money as debt documentary GABOS
  8. thats the one lol there was some hilarious use of that pic You man are deep Going at a guy who clearly had poor prosthetic legs
  9. Not cool. Can't be going out with girls with no etiquette, basic home training. Trust But what with relocation, change in management and the overhaul of the starting 11, was a hard time
  10. To me using sync is like miming on stage. Its just soulless performance, you're not even performing the craft you are there to do.
  11. that sidelink circle of life what really happened she was horny >>> phoned her main link >>> he flopped her >>> she phoned you >>> other guys link flopped >>>> he phoned her >>> she flopped you FACK Being a sidechicks sideman ? Reincarnation is fuckry
  12. Surely just get a few 64 gb USB drives? Run the tracks through rekordbox if you really want them all organised for viewing on the pioneers ?? f*ck taking laptops and f*cking box and bare wires to the club I can't really get down with the laptop DJ thing, especially if I am just hearing two tracks I already know fade into each other Fair if you're going to do live edits on the fly, and actually interact with the crowd. But otherwise, well.. nah Was in a club last friday and saw some guy not even put headphones on once d*ckhead aint even listening to the music. EDIT Saying that, I am only really referring to dance music where a constant flow of music is desired If you're playing the whole night and crossing genres, different thing
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