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  1. Easy! Hope it's not too rude to hop on here and give my new EP a cheeky plug… Anyone who’s listened to a Colonel EP before knows the drill… funk-fuelled drums, warping bass, and a joyous landscape of synths, strings, trumpets and bagpipes (ok I lied about that bit), mashed-up and stomped into some housey-garagey dancefloor mayhem. THE COLONEL BUBBLIN’ EP In:Flux Audio INEXCL001 But instead of me blowing my own bagpipes, here’s what the label, In:Flux Audio says: “The Colonel returns for his second EP on In:flux, and helps us kick start our new Bandcamp exclusive series with a bang! Following on from his brass section inspired wobbler the 'Confused Face EP', The Colonel is on fine form here expanding on that theme, and bringing several more layers of groove to the proceedings. Get you dancing shoes at the ready!” So there you have it. Use the clicky linkage provided to preview on soundcloud or buy from bandcamp. Maximum biggups! The Colonel :cool:
  2. Easy! Hope you don't mind me spamming up your lovely forum to promote my music? The lovely geezers at In:flux Audio have just released my latest EP this week THE COLONEL Confused Face EP [iNFLUX 008] Click on the pic to listen and buy from Junodownload. I could waffle about it myself, but much better to tell you what the label said: "INFLUX 008 is from The Colonel, and we have a treat in store for you here!!!The Colonel has had releases on Project All Out, Tipping Point, Tru Thoughts and a recent release on Basic Soundz that got the attention of the folks over at iloveukg.com and radio plays from Toddla T on Radio 1 and 1xtra. He also has a big presence in the Sheffield scene and this is how In:flux and The Colonel reached this point. Recommended to us by Dr. Cryptic, The Colonel has a very unique style and sound, and when he sent us the demo of his EP early in 2015 we signed it up immediately. Forward thinking and original, the 'Confused Face EP' is a joyous mesh of trumpets and basslines made for the dance floor, with amazing sampling to boot. The EP is sure to be a soundtrack for the Summer!" So there you have it. Enjoy, and big ups for the support. One love, The Colonel
  3. Easy all, I always like coming on here and hope you don't mind me plugging my new UKG tunes? I've got a new EP out, and here's what it's all about... The Colonel Will You Remember EP (Released on Basic Soundz, 30th March 2015) I'm pretty excited about this one. Obviously, it features much of the usual steeze; womping UK bass, neck snapping drums, gnarly synths. horns, violins, bagpipes, and nose-flutes (ok, maybe not those last two), but this time also a guest appearance from brilliant soul singer, Mr. Bailey, on the title track, which is a sharp, soulful UKG stepper. Another of the tracks, "And Then" (the 4-to-the-floor knees-up party roller of the EP) has already had an outing from Toddla T on Radio 1 and 1Xtra (radio rip here). Also, the label, Basic Soundz have decided to give away a free track of mine, called "Roll", on their Soundcloud page to celebrate the release. The EP is available on Juno now. Itunes will probably leave it in a drawer for a while before making it available later in the year. Thanks for reading and listening, big ups to you all. The Colonel :-D
  4. Wotcha peeps... Hope you don't mind if I promote something here? If you like big garagey basslines you could do worse than checking out mi new EP: The Colonel Ain't No Badman EP Featuring Don Amoz & J.Poet Basic Soundz 004 It's got the baddamanz Don Amoz & J.Poet on guest vocal duties, and is chock full off tuff, funky beats, gnarly synths, dashes of violins, trumpets and whatnot, and plenty of good old fashioned lolz. Or so my Mum said anyway. Listen and buy the arse off it by clicking the pic below! Thanks for reading. Big up!
  5. Hey I'm new here, so I hope it wouldn't be out of order to plug my new EP? THE COLONEL Next Level EP Project Allout Records PAR025 It's four tracks of banging bass, tuff funky drums, an array of colourful instruments and samples, and a dash of humour... Have a squizz here, or Buy it exclusively from Juno here. It's climbing the garage charts at Juno, and here's what they've said about it... Project Allout Records drops another filthy bunch of quasi-garage cuts from none other than The Colonel himself. Ranging from psychotic UK bass nastiness to dubby four-to-the-floor fare, this EP is strictly built for the dancefloor. Each tune has something to say about this man's qualities behind the desk, but our top pick has to be the title track; a refreshing twist of shuffling percussion and weighty low-end make it simply irresistible to shake your stuff to. Big! Big up and thanks for reading
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