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  1. http://whatculture.com/wwe/the-true-story-behind-pac-quitting-aew
  2. Agony

    Thierry Henry Appreciation Thread

    *Reads replies*
  3. The way Drew has been booked for the last year I thought he was odds on to win MITB
  4. Agony

    NBA 2018/2019 Season

  5. Agony

    Jeremy Kyle

  6. Agony

    Summer Transfers 2019

    Signed as Cristiano Ronaldo's replacement and gave us a breathtaking 25 goals and 62 assists in 10 years and finished his United career as a right back He's the poster boy of our club's decline from being champions of England, champions of Europe and champions of the World to a club that can't even beat a side that is getting relegated to the championship next season Fuck Valencia as a staff, record label and as a motherfuckin' crew GABOS
  7. Agony

    Harry marrying his lighty

  8. Agony

    Marvel Super Heroes

    Keanu and Arnie is spot on