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  1. da first tune is MC Versatile - Funky Anhtemders a video comin out for it soon....was shot in Napa
  2. da tune b4 da My Destiny Delio D'Cruz Soulful Mix is DJ Naughty Quicktime
  3. 1Luv - Black Daylight (Slope Remix)
  4. sh*t....DEM STATS....ITS ALOT!!!
  5. i wana get involved stil....need some practice
  6. Denser_MC

    Jazz House

    look out for a few tunes by The Brand New Heavies, Osunlade as well....slightly jazzyas well as a tune called 'Black Man In Space' by Son Of Raw i believe
  7. yeah big tune....big up Crazi Cousinz on da productions doe
  8. Denser_MC

    Track ID3

    1st tune is Anton Vitale - Theorem Del Faya (Tea Party Vocal)
  9. tunes done by Finga Print (Invasion Records)da one wid da creed sample is Take Over (remix) and da flipside is 'Stressed Out (Take Over) ft. Ava B'
  10. 1. http://www.zshare.net/audio/5376237dbd1210/2. http://www.zshare.net/audio/5376461b0269b9/
  11. dis tune is a f*ckin BANGER
  12. yeah big tune I love it.... I like it as well as Imani - Bring Me Love
  13. dis is a pisstake manz got da 1.6 n da way dey funds are dis is a pisstake
  14. Wahz da name of dis banger its bein BURNIN me for da longest u na.....http://www.zshare.net/audio/4601404e8a8abb/much appreciated
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