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  1. Will marry a Becky and sell out within 6 months.
  2. They need to try get a Mavado and Kartel versus going. It's Jamaica! Government could probably give Kartel 24 hours of freedom!
  3. connorwickham


    These shits be banging, but the Beenie vs Bounty clash set a new standard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=216ILslDOfs&t=3584s Who do people want to see next? Why? I'm trying to see JD vs Diddy producers, Pharrell vs Kanye producers, Sizzla vs Buju (1 sided but still), Shaggy vs Sean Paul and Snoop vs Jay Z.
  4. Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Bun conservatives and the Eton clique, but Tony Blair lying about weapons of mass destruction, Gordon Brown bottling every big decision and Corbyn being out of his depth don't fill me with confidence either. That muppet Sad-d*ck Khan is having a howler as Mayor of London as well. Charging key workers to use their cars KMT.
  5. You would have rated Boris if he sold out his lieutenant? DC should step down, but Boris repped his team in public. RN bizzle.
  6. Negging system killed the forum. Football forums still have thousands of members, forums haven't died overnight.
  7. No blood on his hands. Man like Boris is singing happy birthday whilst washing his hands.
  8. These man dropped any words of wisdom during the crisis?
  9. Queen of The South fucking bangs.
  10. Consistency of this is high.
  11. If there was a coronavirus camp where vaccines were given out for free, you'd be front of the queue. Stop scaremongering you wally.
  12. You need structure my guy. 7.30 am - out of bed shower and brush teeth. 8am brekkie 8.30 clean up 9am - Joe Wicks work out 9am - 11.30 am - check emails, work from home and career stuff. 12pm - Teanna Trump throw back video 12.12 - Wash my hands as per government instructions 12.14 - make lunch, read make and not open or warm up lunch 1-4pm - work 5pm - cook. Purpose mate.
  13. Deep if 5G caused this. However, if it means Teanna Trump VR and POV streams perfectly, I'm game.
  14. Bannable question. Google her and thank me later.
  15. Teanna Trump got any new drops?
  16. Ashman is blaming the Romanians.
  17. Teanna Trump getting into the VR game? Could be getting some time off work...
  18. This Corona virus suttun is more boring than Brexit. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  19. A one on one with Teanna Trump would straighten him out.
  20. I bet Teanna Trump was in Vegas last night. The lineal champ should have treated his sen.
  21. Nah, but I want to buck into a Makosi.
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