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  1. --------------------------Neuer------------------------- --Lahm---------Bossielny---Godin----Alaboss-- ------------Modric-------Vidal-----Verratti---------- -------Messi--------Neymar---------C.Ronaldon
  2. Would be a great career move for u21, Champions league winner Isco would anfield. Get real.
  3. Acting like Ozil and Sanchez weren't top boys. We'll have any of Varane/Pepe, Contreao/Marcelo, Illaramendi/Khedira, Bale/James/Isco or Pedro - cheers.
  4. enjoyed these uk movies but the hood film is played out now always music or drugs zzzzzzz.
  5. Dumb if true. Should just have teams from the top 2 leagues on coefficients face off.
  6. I'd sell him 100% to City, hardly improves them and isn't in our best 11. I think Ramsey and Ox are better.
  7. Yeah I thought the same when I watched it at first I couldn't put my finger on it, I had to watch it three times but if you look closely you can see a cop slaying a man as he runs away Ah is it? fair enough.
  8. anybody else find the video strange? I know people film everything these days but something just doesn't seem right about this.
  9. Cash out n put some on the double kmt
  10. He's actually played well this year but as a team we are better without him. Strange.
  11. And your boyfriend will buy you lots of nice things. Faggot.
  12. She isn't the problem here, you and Bolassie are kid.
  13. We have 1 quality option at RB and 2 morethan able youngsters plus Coquelllin who can play there. Our options are as strong as any in the league. We do nt need another wide option unless Theo leaves but I agree on the rest.
  14. Gnabry looks very good. Akpom time will tell. Bolassie in any Arsenal team?you been sniffing coke of your mums dirty knickers again lad?
  15. If Welbeck was the loan that Wenger intended then he wouldn't have scored the winner at Old Trafford. I actually think Giroud, Welbeck and Sanchez/Akpom/Theo/Campbell is enough firepower.
  16. If he'd take 180k Arsenal should do it. Shift Theo, Podolski and Campbell for 35m and buy Bale. ---------CM---------Ramsey--------- ---Ox---------Ozil------------Bale---- ---------------Sanchez----------------
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