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  1. Next time you shag your missus, wish it was the samba queen. Spice shit up a bit. Make her wear Brazil shirt etc.
  2. Think so B. She's new to me this year. Hope she isn't out the game, it would be a sad moment.
  3. I'm considering meeting Teanna Trump, next year, in America. It is a wasteidea, but it came to me, whilst having a shit on the toilet. Most of my best ideas come here. Will give it some thought, over the summer...
  4. It isn't even clear what he has done tactically. I think he just carries that respect level to where he can drop Isco or Bale, rest C. Ron and nobody questions it. Incredible achievement. He's taken the piss out of management.
  5. Lisbon for a weekend? Worth doing? Looking for a short break, some time in June.
  6. He lipses dry Somali lips to lubricate them or something. Fucking eidyat yout.
  7. Stuttgart- 3 days in July Cancun - 7 days in August Dublin - weekend in August. Places to check? Stories? Spends needed?
  8. She's sexy so mandem will give her a pass. Simple.
  9. American girls are so open to talk and it's not something that wears off when your not in VIP with table service. Need to go back. jumping off the stratosphere and zip lines down Freemont street, were no rubbing up chick highlights.
  10. Respect brudder, have been and gone now. Was 7 man rolling. Went Le Chateux and Sapphires on the 1st night (not in that order), Tao on the 2nd night and 2 beach parties the other 2 days. The 2nd day had a David Guetta set. Vegas is the fucking truth.
  11. Definitely chatting shit with this one.
  12. Nigga I'm here imagining as well. Trying to get information from people who know and can give advice.
  13. Seen. You have a good time there?
  14. Spending money needed for 3 nights in Vegas? Minimal gambling, maximal drinking and strip clubs.
  15. Not sure if season 4 banged or not? Only rated eps 1 and 6
  16. reckon he'll play Laca slightly with drawn and behind PEA. Mkhi tip of the diamond and Ozil deeper. width from the full backs. Xhaka holding (although he needs to hold a tump) and Wilshere or Ramsey playing box to box.
  17. lets be real, taking for a long time is what females do. we are straight to the point. it is easier to flirt by text/what's app - I'm not going to ring a girl to smash, it's 2 two messages. if I'm on the phone for more than 5 minutes, it's definitely one of those automated calls. That said I don't duck calls much, if I do I'm ringing back within 5 mins.
  18. Call suckers are cunts. generally after a few, I just lock them off. ignoring messages is less important imo.
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