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  1. Yeah Louis Ck and Bill Burr are cold. watched the Texas special of Chappelle. weak.
  2. Is clone Dave Chapelle actually funny?
  3. This is just the comments my brudder, do you have a link to the article?
  4. do you brah. this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.
  5. you can't build anything around him. quality when he's fit and on it, but in reality, he is Diaby without Melanin.
  6. agree, that is shocking from Arsenal.
  7. lol at people actually believing any of this shite. bet you'd believe it if they told you there is a planet made out of Pringles and haribo's out there.
  8. how do you access this? Spotify>>>>>
  9. So basically, you want to wifey a hoe? Do you fam.
  10. Half cast>> sloth >>> this nftr has fallen.
  11. So Zim will go back to Westerners rinsing them, when the next political,puppet takes presidency. Mugabe was a boss.
  12. You should go into a 50/50 tackle with a freight train. Real talk.
  13. I thought Tenerife was far more bearable than your usual Brit infested locations. Plus the Siam park bangs. It's okay to go with the missus.
  14. Oh and another one. When somebody says 'I shouldn't be telling you this BUT' my inner voice always shouts 'c*nt'. This is the 2nd clue to a snakey c*nt after 'did you hear about..., enought venting now now back to gmtv and Gianna Micheals...
  15. Some people are definitely born with the devil in them. No theory or philosophy behind this, just a statement. Don't you ever see or hear somebody and instantly think spawn of Satan?
  16. Lasagne bangs, but just seems effort to make properly.
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