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  1. Yeah ma nuggah. Have seen the light.
  2. I started moving away from council estate white girls to middle class white girls. Been an excellent choice.
  3. White people are so demonic!
  4. Sounds like a rough deal. Have a wank and a budweiser pal.
  5. A man got deep into it. He probably had no scrubs playing in the background. qpr you go girllllll!
  6. A bitch who smokes doesn't respect her body. Neither does a bitch with tattoo. Grafter you have a track record of wifeying hoes innit?
  7. From when I learn a bitch has tattos AND smokes, i can't take her seriously. All I can think is slag and strong skull game. Usually a correct assumption.
  8. True but he's Zidane, players will be motivated to work for him.
  9. Where a outs did you go?
  10. Anybody been to Romania?
  11. Is Zizou on route to becoming a great? Or will the bullshit about him having it easy at Madrid come out?
  12. Any Arsenal fan turning their nose up at Lacazette is a c*nt flap. H's as sharp as fuck and bags. Giroud is aight but he moves like he has ankle weights on. Lacazette plus 1 or 2 more would be a good window. Obviously need to tie up Ozil and Sanchez.
  13. I'd be sat in the changing room with my buddy out on purpose. She won't achieve, this is bad for women managers and football.
  14. ______________Xhaka______________Cesc___________________ __Sanchez-------------------------------Ozil--------------------------Ronaldo____ ___________________________PEA___________________________
  15. Yeah gonna pop any free bets I get over the summer on these fun bets.
  16. C. Ron > Messi Give me rep
  17. Imagine if I told you that I need you, imagine if it all came true. You bag in Cardiff then yeah Drift?
  18. Why do ppl hype on a forum. You went home with a kebab and had a wank.
  19. His mate = him, smashing = smashing one out into a tissue. Dem sad realities. Not it my cup of tea this show. Worth watching?
  20. A man walked into a bar. A dyslexic man walked into a bra!
  21. It's amazing the extra clarity that you have sober on a night out. Makes a nigga realise how many bad decisions have been made whilst intoxicated.
  22. Met a girl with no shins last night. I believe she said that her name was toe-knee. Cue negs... Who else has a 1 liner?
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