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  1. We are a brand new designer sample pack site called LOOP WAX www.loopwax.com We are looking for suitable EDM / House / Deep house /Hip Hop / Bass producers to create sample packs with us on a 50/50 basis. Our payouts are made monthly via paypal on the 1st of month promptly. Pack Format: Each pack will have 5 construction kits. at a set tempo. EG: 126 or 128bpm Each pack will contain 5 EDM/House songs broken down into WAV stems.. We are also interested in PRESETS for MASSIVE / SYLENTH 1. 64 presets to include BASS, PADS, FX, SYNTH. If you are interested in making a steady monthly income creating sample packs with LOOP WAX, please get in touch by emailing me [email protected] We have over 12,000 producers who have subscribed to one of our sites over the past 8 months. Warm Regards Jeremy [email protected]
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