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    hate it when big bums look weird not sure if bbl or real
  2. past the age of 4/5 id say parents should stop it fuck are you doing ffs - just looks weird... how can you not register that nonsense
  3. i wanna do anal on camilla so sexx# before researching her i thought she was around 34 - BIG WOMAN instead shes a SCHMOR GIRL haehhh
  4. never did anything a nasty when i was a kid actually sorry..... i liked the smell of bricks.... brick smell in the rain... and it caused a chemical reaction in my brain and i just had to lick it.... wheneverr it rained and i smelt the exposed brickwork i used to lick it
  5. what is you guys' thoughts and views of going out with your girl and all your friends to a bar or a club, and shes talking to other guys/or guys trying to talk to her? do you let her be/do her own ting? or do you swoop in like superman? do you be an alpha or a zeta?
  6. underwriter


    is trybez bout it bout it?
  7. dont think i can wifey a girl with a birmingham accent
  8. naaaaa they arent actually can see sexy shioreditch tings in those just like the boot heels tings like to wear sooo sexy
  10. dead who uploads that dead and dead user
  11. its actually ACTUALLY mad how all the kardashians have got black men.... like lmao rar apart from the eldest daughter - she hasnt chopped black, and i cannot actually see her chopping black
  12. under the term bants, what were the racist jokes.....??? and also what were they saying behind your back under the recordings etc etc...???
  13. been like that in a couple companies general consensus for blax is that if you see another black, you might think within yourself that the PWI people will be thinking to themselves/or talking among the other whites thinking 'oh look the black has found the black, look at how they are sticking/staying with each other' its funny that because in the company im in now theres an asian guy, bare loud talking and a new guy has started.... Asian as well - they are in the same team you could say - always with each other chit chatting - that seems fine doesn't it?? got a front of house black guy at my place - other day some soul music was playing..... im working away and i heard him come into the kitchen.... i said 'i bet any money hes gonna say to me frank... hear this music' then he proceeds to start swaying/clicking his hands right on cue
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