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  2. Seriously its actually kinda getting on my nerves now.... all these white girls with lip fillers; on insta, on snap, in bars/clubs.... what is the reason behind them getting lip fillers? i dont think british white girls are there yet with the ‘BBL’, but they are definitely there with lip fillers and anti aging serum they inject into their foreheads etc etc bloody hell man
  3. The one off of commercial road..... on the road of brick lane..... directy opposite ALL SAINTS...... WED INFAMOUS
  4. some of you man proper love a back n forth
  5. all this anti semitism talk is actually getting on my nerves regarding corbyn man cant.... IN FACT NOBODY can say anything about 'the jewish state' zionism/jews... ANYTHING - you just have to be schtom what kinda life
  6. yeah i remember being on females ever since i was in infants school.... so that was year 1-2 (so.... 4-6 years old) def true , then i remember liking big batties around year 7 - (11/12 years old) - and from then on thats been my heartbeat
  7. underwriter

    Theresa May

    when i heard this at my desk at work today on lbc i was like jeeeez this woman ¬_¬
  8. hours u no us man calculate days certain donnies on 0 hour contracts get hour leaves - what is this?? 'shit ive got 4 hours leave left b.... gotta dash'
  9. ive listened to this album about 18 times since its come out my fucking gosh
  10. imagine certain man are saying its not a big deal youve had 1 KID with this women shes has 2 OTHER KIDS WITH 2 OTHER MEN you are paying your way; the 2 other men are not...... are you a simp? are you a d*ckhead? would you constantly go to a club with your boys and they keep saying 'AGHH SHIT I FORGOT MY WALLET....'. THEN YOU ARE THE ONE BUYING ROUNDS ALL NIGHT...? EVERY WEEKEND? - because that is the scenario
  11. all this week is above 25 degrees the wave is still amongst us you lot are excited -
  12. underwriter


  13. my goodness bare stiff he could barely bend those legs jeez sthat was hard to watch
  14. all im seeing is 30 degrees all over the gaff for the whole of this week - i cannot sleep in my room boilliinnggg
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