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  1. shower

    Work & Life

    You and me both
  2. shower

    SIM only deals

    Oh word never knew that had perks like that u no I'll investigate
  3. shower

    SIM only deals

    So what's the best sim only
  4. shower

    SIM only deals

    This deal still current
  5. shower

    hiphop FUTURE

  6. shower

    hiphop Stormzy

    1 of 2 What's the other case
  7. shower

    hiphop Stormzy

    Lol a plant U know using cheat codes
  8. shower

    Kodi / TVMC / XMBC - TV, Movie & Sport Streaming

    Got a T8 there if you want it
  9. shower

    hiphop FUTURE

    Perks calling on repeat
  10. shower

    hiphop FUTURE

    He's work rate ??
  11. shower

    hiphop FUTURE

  12. shower

    Dumbest/Most Corrupt youngsters from my ends

    Attempted murderWas chatting to him earlier today hes just tryna keep occupied what else can u do It's team getting it getting it see your neck and chain getting it getting it he was hard How long he get for the AM
  13. shower

    Official Betting Thread

    Lukaku anytime ?
  14. shower

    Official Betting Thread

    ? nice one bro Truss them man just nice me