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  1. I don't care how long ur grow took, gimmy da day when it lands get that grow took!

    1. ag.


      Lol u aint about that action twitter boy

    2. Restrictive
  2. A-levels are for people who cant cook the bricks properly.

  3.  if you are what you eat then baby gal your so cocky:mj:


  4. 'If your batty looks like custard in a bag, drop me out'

  5. Watch me go f*ck up westfield banging b i got the best deals

  6. Wheres the burner? The burner the burner, when i see ya ill turn up lets turn up got the tina for turner you'll learn cuz its murderrr!

  7. God spend a likkle more time, likkle more time pon you gyal weh u get da p*ssy weh u walk wid?

  8. Swear down Church Rds where the gs at, aim for your head not your knee cap ediat!

  9. Talking back when we never had our stacks up, now I go box to box just like Rav does

  10. bowa man bout dem ah shower man dem bwoy dere dem nah nah power man

    1. Elementalism


      Brandzino weh mi bad from birth, from the school playground where wi lif'ing up shirt

    2. Restrictive
  11. Ya hear mi....rise up di rifle and four clip..and do Taurus..di big belly one. Dem violateeeeeee and feeeel like seh dem a go gettt wehh

    1. PascalMoriarty
    2. Restrictive


      Vybz Kartel - Cya Defeat we

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