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  1. Ravs problem is that he cant keep outta trouble and the people around him wont put him in place, they just enjoy his money lol
  2. If that was Callum saying suttin like that to a female he'd be kicked out. Man cant tell me hes gonna shove his d*ck up my ass
  3. Restrictive


    Narstie just shut him down
  4. Was the allgeded set up by U1 ever addressed?
  5. "Fuck wid ma tings and you'll be gone by sun down, and I'll be out da ends b4 da bwoidem come round. Cunts tried to kill me but dey move like gun clown, dats why everyone of dem counts got gun down." http://youtu.be/hDjkoGlFofw Big tune >>≥>>
  6. Bikers got something to say for u 'punks' U see some don't have the strength to go on and keep it moving but my lil brother keeps it mooooovin and I know all u old washed up punks that are fuming keep fuming cause @Dvs_1arda still getting money. ☝.... http://instagram.com/p/yXJiydjAE1/?modal=true
  7. Deep Hit with a conspiracy found guilty, looking a long sentence
  8. Swear he got shot in the ass or his thigh as well by Narm dons lol Member he mentioned in a song him and shak got into a shoot out in Narm and he caught one in his thigh or suttin And hes been shot in the chest too And his arm dont seem that f*cked, never noticed it Lol at trying to rob someone then getting disarmed and shot Guys been in a few madnesses
  9. He took a flight out lol http://instagram.com/p/yUSmw4DnZ_/?modal=true
  10. He probably should roll with one of then straps he talks about in his music or just say f the flossing and keep it minimal nice watch and a nice ring.
  11. Maybe he never had ps to spend on jewls like that then lol Good old PDC video with bare old videos DVS went in @ 33:45
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86YmEf3ociI
  13. He got robed Last May or something too. I remember one of them Tulse Hill man mockin him
  14. # https://twitter.com/Scribz6ix7even
  15. Did u really think he was gonna go down? They're back togethor and have been for months Always happens
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