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    Lol..What’s hard to believe? Dons sweating.
  2. Lol fam of all places. Sticky suddenly hes got no problems? recording ting is dead
  3. J Hus got 8 months. Home in time for summer.
  4. Restrictive


    Crop Circle was the highest selling uk rap album in 2018.
  5. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7974708/stephen-lawrence-suspect-jamie-acourt-attacked-in-prison/
  6. Maygabe. She’s gonna see the end of Brexit then bow out on her own terms.
  7. Majahhype his skits?? https://Instagram.com/majahhype https://instagram.com/livestyle1hunnid
  8. No confidence triggered. Ballot later today. Being abroad and hearing no confidence has been triggered <<<
  9. Can’t lie I wouldn’t even want her job, if I was a politician. At this point there’s not really anyway the tide can be turned to make it more favourable to Britain. You’d be walking into a short storm. Best to let May ride it until the wheels fall off, she’s stubborn. She knows if that vote went ahead her career would be done...I mean it’s done already but that would be the straw that broke the camels back. Shes refusing to give a date for the vote. So could end up in January now, we’re supposed to be leaving at the end of March. She’s cutting it fine.
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