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  1. I asked for my account and post history to be removed, not even sure if it's legal for the data to be kept this long.
  2. Don't worry, you're mostly all as stupid as each other. Yury at least appears to be, on some level, rational.
  3. Oxymoron is what you probably meant. paradox ˈparədɒks/Submit noun a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well founded or true. Thanks for reminding us of your fantastic education once again buddy.
  4. I think "talented rapper" is a paradox mate
  5. Or just both on this 9-5 straight stacking ting?
  6. The man with all the properties yet none at the same time. you and him doing investermentz together?
  7. This thread me realise a lot of you don't know how gentrification works. But good on you lot anyway, sounds like u got this property shit all figured out
  8. Anyone lame enough to try and get in should be allowed did you read the article. guy compared his situation to 60s america Lol
  9. Heard sharm is for lower middle
  10. Antichrist - I hate laars but this is one film I thought was half decent. Into the void for me was always a bit dry but I've still watched it at least 5 or 6 times just for the sounds and visuals
  11. I wanted to have a field in here while I was lurking but I realised you're all spazs
  12. Bruv thois guys racist anyway only tells goss about blax
  13. Has any of you ever mentioned me a happy birthday. Fuck malcom x he's dead anyway
  14. Why does it matter? We need to get our hitman with hot goss off the streetz to let us know wot rily hapnd
  15. Woodpecker


    No other room and EDF has no room for this shit either. Alternative music in here
  16. I stopped as soon as I read "certain headz" in my head a little black russel brand was jumping around shouting random slang and political statements. I'm sure I'm not far off
  17. But no, let's be honest, the source is just some guy on the internet. What makes you credible lad? You got the hot goss from inside the commons?
  18. was on telly yesterday, completely forgot how epic/epicly creepy that film was, best of David Lynch
  19. I just don't think this is making life harder for people. edit to elaborate I think you made a strawman in this argument. That's not my opinion at all to be fair, I think anyone that studied journalism and thought they could ponce around on the doll while we wait for them to get a job that brings zero positive value to society needs a short sharp shock probably one of those that camerons talking about straight to prison after journalism degree? could work, get an internship with the inside times, free food and accomodation + will increase sercos share price so we're all winners
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