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  1. The last longer isny good in my case as i had a problem takig too long evey few months anyway, though if i was going to snip i would be following other sexualnpractices which meant i wouldnt be having so much sex Thanks for the log reply mongy really appreciate it
  2. We are the cator girls we wear our hair in curls Alright luv back on your knees
  3. Thanks for the mainly on topic responses Getting it done for religious reasons, heard its gonna take 3 months before it heals. At people saying its better cos you last longer, girls like it more etc. Does that mean my bell will become like standard skin instead of sofft plushiness hidden behind a sheith? No homo
  4. Lol, let them do a dna test and see how jewish they are B.H.
  5. Was just in london aswell fuck. Pretty sure I saw john doe and chapps in sway, shirts half untucked and ogling women shame on u
  6. Trudat, had a friend with same problem
  7. fucking hell, it's like in the number of years I have been on this forum none of you have evolved even a little
  8. the fact that that COULD have been a decent spaghetti dish, man actually did everything possible wrong
  9. Lol this is far worse than the broccoli + chicken what were u thinking mate
  10. "Mohr im Hemd" means wog in a shirt, the name itself is a reason to order it
  11. absolute lemon - russel
  12. Captain planets explenations are shit
  13. Did Berlin and Rotterdam last week, Paris then Bordeaux and Monaco. Travelling for free>>>
  14. smoke linkup in rotterdam?
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