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  1. Thanks to everybody showing their support for the We Love Pabz AxeFM Tribute! Extra thanks to everybody sending in their songs/files/memories of AxeFm/Pablo! The Date for the CD and live show has been pushed back to Feb/March, to mark Pablo's memorial. I’m sorry for any inconvenience, but this will allow for more material to be recorded and artists will be able to put more time into their work. We've got a good line up of artists for the event/CD, so please keep looking out!… We want to make this the best show/CD we can for Pablo! Also please keep sending in your Axe FM clips and memories! Thanks again for the love everybody, it means a lot! -ZD & Rhymestein
  2. Just a reminder to join us on our Facebook, we've got loads of old axe fm sets and memories to check out, new videos added pretty much daily! https://www.facebook.com/axeremembers Thanks everybody for the love shown for project #welovepabz so far!
  3. Do you know if I can move this post, or should I just make a new one?
  4. Easy guys! Thanks for the love! @Thizz the email is axeremembers@gmail.com if you have any questions/material. If you'd like to keep up to date on the project/catch up on some axe fm memories check out https://facebook.com/axeremembersfor the latest info... I'll be sure to post major updates about the event on this tread as well. Thanks again for the support everybody!
  5. We're also looking for mp3 sets or video footage from the years 2003-2007 ... If you have ANY material from that time, please send it over! Thanks again!
  6. Hello friends and fans of Axe fm! Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this... I'm working with Rhymestein, trying to find people who would be interested in contributing to an axe fm tribute CD and final axefm show in Nov/Dec 2015. All the funds raised will go to Pablo's family. For those unfamiliar with Pablo, he was the founder of axefm and helped a lot of UK music acts out today. He passed away of leukemia in January. If you would like to take part in project #welovepabz by being in the final axe fm show, or by recording a song/message about Pablo/axefm please message me back or email axeremembers@gmail(DOT)com for more info. Just a reminder, if you'd like to record a memory/shout out for Pablo/axe fm, and don't have access to a studio or you're tight on time... you can just record a quick message on your phone, upload it to mediafire (or whatever you fancy) and message me the link. The more people involved/love shown the better! Thank you for your time and any memories you can contribute everybody, please pass on the message to anybody you think might be interested... Let's make Pabs proud! --------------------- http://www.axefm.co.UK http://welovepabz.bandcamp.com/releases https://facebook.com/WeLovePabz https://facebook.com/axeremembers http://pabzdeabzaxeman.muchloved.com/
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