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  1. maybe chip brang him as a guest?
  2. these man are brave still fighting in dubai
  3. denz is a school kid so he has an excuse at least but cadet has to be the worst in the industry this guy remixes any songs and jumps on any challenge
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROBAc6_2htM
  5. Funkyskanker


    nah there is no way he is getting done like koke the issue with koke was that he was ahead of his time had he got signed now and not back then he would have blown properly. If i remember correctly koke said he was not even dealing with jay z directly and i think he even said one time when roc nation was in the uk they didnt even invite him to the show lol These americans have been loking at drake and now want the a piece of the pie from the uk music rapman is going to blow
  6. sounds to me like they wanted to leave him after he pumped money into them
  7. how the guy does not care or seems to have mental issues probably both. The things he did early in his career you can probably write off to being young and gassed with money but in the podcast it seems he still has the mentality of a teenager the guy said how he dosnt like training ffs how can you take someone like that seriously. He even said himself different clubs and people were giving him special treatment and he still fucked it up. Some people just dont want to get helped
  8. And people are making this harder then what it is. What is so weird to talk about possibly the biggest event in UK rap this year on a music forum involving the biggest UK rapper?
  9. If true my guesse would be maybe its a. Thing of idols turned rivals thing? I know before they had good relationship I even remember when giggs was in jail spray was one of the few openly shouting free giggs and got into people for not doing so. Going from the screenshot @Elementalism posted from the interview the way he name dropped giggs maybe spray has turned bitter now that he has turned old and broke so now he is hating on giggs and his success
  10. fuck off about spoiler as if you didnt want to see the video
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