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  1. next time just keep your mouth shut when adults are speaking ya dig?
  2. Yes you are, know yourself. pm me your name and adress, let get it cracking rudey
  3. No hating, just truths. You lick his balls? Go tweet him you fancy him, you may be able to give him brains. did he f*ck your girl or something? pull your skirt down. he is young getting money and travelling the world if you leave your room you can too
  4. some dumb guys on here about not setting an example. this guy should be the blue print the goal in life in to work smarter not harder which he is doing
  5. this guy is not only embarrassing but stupid. who the fuck films themselves with several grams of drugs on an airplane. he is lucky the police has not taken action and thrown his black ass in jail, drug traficking charges are no joke and him being black wont be able to play this off as banter in court
  6. blacks are the biggest coons let a white person o to africa and buy land and they are welcomed with open arms
  7. lets keep is real when guys say they want black girls that wear natural hair they're talking about long curly mixed hair type of hair and not that dusty nappy hair that cant grow
  8. it's a business move he found his niche and he is running with it. This is the biggest issue with rappers they dont have a niche and dont know their market. he is making more money catering for out of town asians then he would for black people in london, we already know black people dont buy shit
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