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  1. dont see why anyone would want to sign a deal in? what can labels offer rappers in 2018 that they cant
  2. said it on here before alot of these artists now owe their careers to sneakbo, good he said it himself
  3. rah man mentioned sn1 and snap capone
  4. di draw out, this tweet will be deleted too watch
  5. lol twitter is gonna get her down , by now anyone close to nay public success need to do a purge off their social media accounts
  6. theres more to this story but we wont find out
  7. big man with a kid doing this you know hes lucky the owner has a good heart i would try and get man ipp
  8. fem fel was not shit he was ahead of his time
  9. if harry does not get her touched he's wet
  10. not sure how this is fantasy stuff other minorities do it on a smaller scale.....
  11. stop and search wont do anything for us black people the knife crime levels are too high. how many black people are injured/killed/jailed because of knife crime every year? there are fundamental things that need to be questioned and answered
  12. 2018 is gonna be a mazza for crypto mandem get your money ready
  13. https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=g277778417 join the group lets make some money
  14. anyone done for a telegram chat so we can discuss this crypto ting proper and share ideas? bare man caking of crypto we need to jump on fully
  15. rah on it like that yeah? my money is locked into verge for now waiting on these d*ckheads to release wraith so i can make proper moves
  16. hes made a couple tweets about this lol lets see what happens
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