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  1. so you really think if a white woman came out and said she had been sexual assaulted by rappers nothing would happen? lol rappers cant even diss jews without catching corn
  2. bait from the start no way man is going these kind of places without some heavy backing from someone
  3. let the star kick into the crowd
  4. Rah so thats what your on
  5. Funkyskanker


    why is everyone gassing this in the comments
  6. Funkyskanker


    my favourite ice rapper
  7. looks like the typical fast food workers you see in movies and shows. white skinny blonde probably has acne covered face.
  8. this is what road rappers are doing lol http://news.met.police.uk/news/two-men-convicted-following-robberies-267564
  9. Road rappers have their selves to blame saw certain rappers supporting him on ig
  10. he usally upload snippets to new muzik onto his instagram
  11. hes doing a new mixtape with youngsta
  12. had to lock off blacklisteduk these man chat so much shit
  13. http://courtnewsuk.co.uk/grime-star-gunned-gang-rival/
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