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  1. jelly

    Love Island

    Amber is good looking that's about it
  2. jelly

    Love Island

    That Anna girl is a known escort and her sister. They are porta potties which shows from the constant boat photos in Dubai Futhermore she wants to talk about being a pharmacist that's a £8.50 hour job but she was able to afford a breast job and bbl with Dr alasni in Spain (would have cost about 10k) and lip fillers £300 every month and I doubt her "strict middle eastern parents" were paying for her surgery. Yeah okay pharmacist. The girl is a clown.
  3. You don't get to tell women what they do with their body Rather have abortion then a bunch of unwanted kids running around causing havoc the planet is over populated
  4. jelly


    How can he get chased down in a Porsche he ain't a driver but doesn't make him puss whatever there were loads of him and him alone Same with cbiz loads of them and him alone Getting shot or stabbed or robbed don't make you a d*ckhead it can happen t0 anyone
  5. I'm black but agreed especially light skin women
  6. lol mad embarrassing who's fucking this loser
  7. just awful young and inspiring live his music
  8. you lot seen this https://imgur.com/a/nNoUTXz they said some gay shit to but I don't care to upload that wonder if they will get dragged like Maya (probably not cause they white)
  9. I like Maya and stormzy shame what they said but whatever
  10. because I have read a terrible story about it happening to a dog before in brazil which haunts my mind
  11. well you can't afford Mayfair can you? isn't it better to live some where in London then your mum house?
  12. jelly


    word on streets from legit sources
  13. single mothers no fathers social media feminist demonizing men poverty is the cause simple as.
  14. you can rent a two bed pent house in thamsmead for 1600 that is 800 each for you and a friend That same 800 you spend on a holiday showing off to 18yr old white girls pretending you have it made.
  15. don't tell me Muslim cause I'm born and breed Muslim and that is not what we do. He is saying that because he CANNOT move out but I bet he can spend 1000s on LV, DRUGS, HOTELS AND HOLIDAYS That is a wasteman simple as.
  16. jelly

    Becky Adenuga

    he been with Sarah for 9years
  17. my friend is always punching her man because he cheats on her but she stays with him there relationship is bullshit it happens to men too
  18. jelly


    skepta is linking that elenia 187 girl apparently after linking Erin budina he really has awful taste in women however it' good he is looking deeper into his culture
  19. oops meant to say 5yrs not 2 haha no wonder I got bare down votes There could be a lot of reasons why someone is a single mother but yeah having kiss without being in a long term commuted relationship is usually the issue I used to date a guy 2yrs young then me and he had a big issue with the fact I was 21 and he was 19 I had no idea why but he always use to g9 on about it worse thing is he looked like 30yrs old not 19 I dunno why some guys are hung up on age women being older than you means nothing these days
  20. my cousins girlfriend punched him in the face outside a club be restrained her and he got arrested and charged she said he hit her to a crowd it would of looked like it because he got aggressive after she hit him
  21. guys who go for girls max 2 years younger usually don' have shit to give women their age a 30yr plus single mother is that for a reason but even though I'm 23 older women are the lick I know woman 28 or 32 o look young and fit and beautiful girls my age and below are to obsessed with cocaine, alcohol and surgery so they look old but are young and look like shit.
  22. bevause that is what men like being natural isn' cool anymore looking like a poundland Kim Kardashian makes you popular
  23. the person who mentioned the hotel thing described my ex to a T will spend money on hilton hotel going Ibiza and malia and partying on boats taking drugs but you live in a box room and a single bed. makes it even worse he pretends he is better than every other guy and calls every other guy broke and not as worthy as him.
  24. love him for what? being a broke ass fuxk boy who doesn' want to grow up? I hope you aren' dating this loser
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