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  1. pmsl madvybes still deya wha gwarn broski
  2. NGL, been here since RWD days and even Roll Deep before that. Some of the funniest moments I've ever had existed on this site. Bare names, bare different incarnations.
  3. The tune will be iconic. It's deep yet simple enough to be a classic.
  4. I must be old asf cos this theme tune was a staple part of my weekend growing up. Football Italia was a madness.
  5. I'll start this off. REAL HEADS KNOW
  6. Trueteller

    African Child

    I advise all red-blooded males to stop watching after 0:51.
  7. This is without makeup and whatever else.
  8. Trueteller


    It's okay bro, I give you permission to go again this year and still feel relevant.
  9. Trueteller


    id nut inside that ting raggo
  10. Trueteller


    Musically. It's still a beautiful place though.
  11. There's a war against us, and we don't even realise it.
  12. Wiley has mental health problems, and none of his 'friends' have let him know. / Giggs is a fucking clown. Believes his own bullshit.
  13. Trueteller

    African Child

    😂😂 The YT comments are jokes as well "SOMEONE NEEDS TO HUMBLE THIS GUY QUICKLY"😅😅
  14. Trueteller


    Lol "Last Vegas" sounds like a unlocked boss on SF2 Turbo. / Ibiza is dead now.
  15. lol at this thread dying a slow death niggs aint real
  16. Well remembered ffs... It's good to be back...
  17. I would hate too if I had a boat like yours GT4LIFE Man will never forget that And it's peak cos your yout probably has that boat. Any Marvin / You man are haters. Plain and simple...so sad you can sit online and hate another brudda's success I prsonally dont check for him as he represents noggery, but you man should go and hang yourselves
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