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  1. Platinum

    Learning To Code

    I think you tagged me by accident. But coincidentally I am a programmer lol, you can ask me any questions if you have any
  2. Platinum

    uk-rap Nines

    I saw a few vids of him on this tour and it looks live. He has defo learnt how to perform well now, he also doesnt having the rapping in the background I dont think (apart from parts of chrouses etc)
  3. Platinum

    uk-rap Nines

    Deservedly won album of the year at the Rated Awards. Large up Nina
  4. Platinum

    hiphop Potter Payper

    unexpected song but yh its hard
  5. Platinum

    uk-rap Nines

  6. Platinum

    uk-rap MoStack & J Hus

  7. Platinum

    uk-rap Nines

    Yeah its still very popular, it should be in charts for longer than One Foot Outs 7 weeks. Will most likely pick up again in streams these couple days while hes touring and could also start charting again in September when he has the second part of his tour. Overall hes done really well and it maintaining its high chart position is down to the quality of music on the album.
  8. Platinum

    uk-rap Wretch 32

    the album was trash but this is a good song
  9. Platinum

    uk-rap Nines

    Someone please tell me a better UK Rap album
  10. Platinum

    uk-rap Nines

    Crop Circle entered the charts at number 5 (and got higher sales than One Foot Out) and charted in Holland at number 99. Also its I See You Shining's 2nd week in the top 4 and 'Oh My' and 'Rubber Bands' also charted.
  11. Platinum

    uk-rap Nines

    Need some new dates, they sold out in 2 minutes
  12. Platinum

    uk-rap Nines

    The beat was originally for Nines i believe. 5ive beats made it who is for Nines. the beat is also slightly different on the album
  13. Platinum

    uk-rap Nines

    Too may quotables. This album is defo his project imo, cant really name a better UK rap album
  14. Platinum

    uk-rap Nines

    Wow just finished it. This album is actually amazing
  15. Platinum

    uk-rap CASisDEAD

    Looks like hes signed with XL Recordings