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  1. Ginuwine accused of Transphobia

    No matter how they dress it up (no pun) they are still male. It’s fucked up man. I’m not down with that shit. Makes me 🤮
  2. People who duck calls

    Yeah them bullshit people who you know sit on their phones 24/7 but can’t answer your call or reply to a message 😡
  3. Libido

    No I’m all woman. Just can’t seem to have an opinion without everyone assuming I’m a man 😂
  4. Are all men the same?

    Starting to think all men are the same. Sly little worms with a one track mind. Making up secret social media profiles, talking code to friends and way too protective of their phone!!! Any hope of a decent man out there???????
  5. Libido

    Because I can? Don’t like it then don’t respond and move on.
  6. Libido

    Whoever disliked my comment must be a serial masturbator. #touchedanerve
  7. Long Term Relationships

    Yeah I know. Can’t be what a man wants if he wants d*ck 🤦🏻‍♀️
  8. Long Term Relationships

  9. Long Term Relationships

    😂 can honestly say I have no idea who jelly is. I’m a female thanks and I ain’t no fake just being honest.
  10. Libido

    Yes men there is more to life than touching yourself and porn. Its just sad when people can’t find anything else to do with their spare time. People need to get a life and grow up. You’re not hormonal 15 year olds. That’s all you see people chatting shit about porn and wanks its pathetic.
  11. Long Term Relationships

    Hard times. Suppose its better than knowing your ex liked men too 😷 secrets always come out. Trap queens aka homo fags in skirts! #dontgetittwisted #stillaman #sick🤢
  12. Dreams

    Also signed up? This is my only account and I am a female.
  13. Dreams

    Yeah I keep having a dream where I end up in some unused warehouse with 2 men after everyone has left the party and then after a while they try to kill me and I have to stab them to death in order to survive. Its really horrific and not sure what it means 😥
  14. My boy just got set up nicely

    Welcome to the dangers of meeting strangers off the internet. SNM
  15. Do you have gay tendencies?

    Yeah of course everyone can say that the same gender looks good or is looking fit. My dig was aimed at those who take it that one step further and get off on gay porn etc and who can exchange sexual messages/images with the same gender but then claim they are straight and its a normal thing for a straight person to do. They are in my eyes a homo. Am I wrong?