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  1. These guys. They are going straight to hell.
  2. These thugs/louts/criminals etc are out of control. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=380077082943455&id=246370596314105
  3. Who do you think made better music? vs
  4. noticed this in london everywhere i go im hearing spanish. hackney: bien,bien.... the city : si si si even haringey : ciao amigo etc. whats your opinion on them though are they cool? or anti social like the romanians,etc
  5. Im sorry but that story is . Some dead hitman. Tryna kill someone but ending up deading yourself.
  6. Tbh i havent got too much problem with "sentences" like this. They just need to keep the same energy when the person in the dock is loretta and not lucy
  7. Surprisingly he can sing quite well
  8. https://twitter.com/NimaTavRood/status/1168951481237692421?s=20
  9. Dont eat enough. Dont like british fruit kmt. Well apart from bananas and they go off too quickly.
  10. This guys fully stuck in the past
  11. We will all have to see how this pans out. We cant judge too much untill we know the full facts. Well apart from the prat with the camera. What a fool.
  12. have had pretty much zero contact with homosexuals socially or personally.
  13. What is it? Not just talking about mcs. The culture on a whole.
  14. Anymore? When did it ever work. Dont think the british rap/grime scene ever had this type of show. Its about 10 years too late unfortunately
  15. The first and quite possibly the only true black british music genre is completly dead. Personally couldnt name you any new grime mcs,dont know any mixtapes or grime albums released in the past 3/4 years,dont even know where to find the music. Grm daily are more drill now. Link up was never really grime. Rip grime.
  16. If you was in a situation like this and ozil left you would it be the end of your friendship?
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