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  1. No one following this? What's your opinions
  2. Agree with both. Tbh I actually forgot how poor the actual music is now due to the glitz and glamour but yeah it's pretty trash. The only real "HIT" I can think of is probably that Russ and tion Wayne tune.
  3. Apparently it was a heart attack
  4. Putin not playing about. Invasion of Ukraine has commenced https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10545389/BREAKING-NEWS-Explosions-heard-Ukraine-port-city-Mariupol.html
  5. Jumped on the stock market ting. Using HL for now. Not much money to play with but hopefully it's a good learning curb for me and I can get something back. Learned from YouTube.
  6. Little simz and Dave winning Brit awards. Mo the comedian presenting the Brit awards. Big narstie having his own show on channel 4. Fredo,Dave etc performing at the Brits. Tion Wayne and Russ doing their thing D block Europe having their videos looking like they were made by professional American directors for tens of thousands. I remember for years we used to have debates on here about the UK rap scene/road rap/grime scene and how comes it never blew and why it was so lack luster. I even remember people saying the French scene was much better and at the time I agreed. I never saw this happening. There's so many avenues and opportunities and money to be made now days and it's great to see.
  7. Word on the street (not confirmed but strong rumours) that the queen has died.
  8. Same shit different day. We sign average players for double they are worth. We don't sack managers at the right time when it's clear they are out of their depth,we give players that have clearly not performed new contracts. Rewarding mediocrity. We have no plan for the future and we seem to be given a bunch of unproven people important roles at the club. Carrick,Fletcher etc
  9. Gonna start using this more. I know it's a long shot but hopefully the more we post the more likely old users will come back.
  10. Just heard the news devastating. He always spoke a lot about mental health issues and his channel wasn't doing that well at all in recent years. Rip
  11. disgraceful #oleout #woodwardpissoff fuck the glazers for life
  12. cockney people have more in common with northerners than londoners. true or false?
  13. most of what he said was right and we all know it.
  14. i take it he was a poster on here then?
  15. that two/three month down period kill arf di ting. hope evryone is well though.
  16. came to post the margs on a preach ting epsidoe where be speaks about his brother. his podcast is pretty good but loon is annoying as fuck
  17. aint gonna do it but i honestly feel like crying :(. Could it be cancer cos of all that weed he was smoking?
  18. all this hullabaloo over the flue kmt. The public need to get ahold of themselves smh.
  19. These guys. They are going straight to hell.
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