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    most of what he said was right and we all know it.
  2. i take it he was a poster on here then?
  3. that two/three month down period kill arf di ting. hope evryone is well though.
  4. murder plain and simple.
  5. came to post the margs on a preach ting epsidoe where be speaks about his brother. his podcast is pretty good but loon is annoying as fuck
  6. aint gonna do it but i honestly feel like crying :(. Could it be cancer cos of all that weed he was smoking?
  7. all this hullabaloo over the flue kmt. The public need to get ahold of themselves smh.
  8. These guys. They are going straight to hell.
  9. These thugs/louts/criminals etc are out of control. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=380077082943455&id=246370596314105
  10. Who do you think made better music? vs
  11. noticed this in london everywhere i go im hearing spanish. hackney: bien,bien.... the city : si si si even haringey : ciao amigo etc. whats your opinion on them though are they cool? or anti social like the romanians,etc
  12. Im sorry but that story is . Some dead hitman. Tryna kill someone but ending up deading yourself.
  13. Tbh i havent got too much problem with "sentences" like this. They just need to keep the same energy when the person in the dock is loretta and not lucy
  14. Surprisingly he can sing quite well
  15. https://twitter.com/NimaTavRood/status/1168951481237692421?s=20
  16. Dont eat enough. Dont like british fruit kmt. Well apart from bananas and they go off too quickly.
  17. This guys fully stuck in the past
  18. We will all have to see how this pans out. We cant judge too much untill we know the full facts. Well apart from the prat with the camera. What a fool.
  19. have had pretty much zero contact with homosexuals socially or personally.
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