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  1. I hope the next manager that comes in has the balls to get rid of Pogba. As much as I can’t stand Jose, Pogba has been an absolutely Bell end. No class at all.
  2. Might as well simulate those fixtures still.
  3. Trying to suggest ownership warrants that kind of response? Hmm. Interesting on who finds that funny.
  4. Chelsea fan racially abuses Sterling. ”He could’ve said Manc, there was a black man standing near him.” Chelsea fans chant they’re racist and stop a black man getting on the train. ”It’s just a small minority of Chelsea fans.” Chelsea (not for the first time) have issued a statement condemning anti Semitic chants. ”Fake news.” Chelsea fans chant “Ferdinand, you know what you are” after Terry racially abused him. ”It’s just banter.” I don’t know Opie Taylor, I guess it’s just a coincidence that Chelsea and racism seem to go together like bread and butter. I’m sure if Chelsea fans started flying swastikas, our good friend Thizz would claim they’re Buddhists.
  5. Mad how prophetic this post was. Sterling has come a long way. Definitely a contender for POTY. Not just on the pitch but for dealing with the press campaign that’s been against him since 2015. Just reading through this thread, they’ve been on him constantly.
  6. Recommends? Hmm, I’ll wait and see what the judge actually gives him.
  7. Trust. After Cameron stepped down, it was gonna be a shit show whoever stepped up. Man Utd post Ferguson era.
  8. Yes, you have a point. But you can also physically defend yourself if someone is literally in your face shouting abuse and using threatening language. I’m talking from first hand experience. I’m not saying anyone should stomp a mud hole in him but there’s no way in hell he’s walking up and down that train unchallenged. For real, you’re just a p*ssy. I ain’t typing like a big man, you’re just making mad excuses to avoid confrontation. Just admit you’d tuck your tail between your legs and scurry off like a little bitch.
  9. Exactly. He knew he could say that around the right ones.
  10. Stop being a p*ssy. If someone is getting in my face calling me a black c**t, then I’m gonna defend myself. You’re not getting in my face and talking to me like I’m some d*ck head. How is this guy walking up and down the train with all that bass and no one is checking him?
  11. WTF did I just watch? Braveheart Director’s Cut? What kind of weak Black man lets anyone talk down to them like that? Please please let me have been on that train, and that fat fuck would’ve been turned into enough haggis to feed everyone. And of course no white person on the train even backed the guy getting abused. It took one mixed race woman to stand up to him. Embarrassing.
  12. It started with Jack Johnson. They actually created a law just to stop him and other black men from drawing white women. It goes deep. https://www.history.com/news/white-slave-mann-act-jack-johnson-pardon Usain gets away with it because he’s still smiling and dancing, and therefore seen as non threatening. Take away that and believe me, he wouldn’t be the media darling. Look at how they treated Mario Ballotelli because he wasn’t skinning and grinning. But yeah, the usual suspects in here are doing everything to avoid calling racism what it is.
  13. https://www.vip2.co.uk/forum/topic/85763-week-14-15-1819-premier-league/?page=5
  14. But it was funny (to some of you) when a black player had a banana thrown at him last week? Hmm. Some of you are fucking flip flopping clowns. Bandwagoners
  15. ^ And of course this Howard Stern Beetlejuice looking bounty finds this funny. I guess if my teeth looked like Baghdad, I’d hate myself everytime I look in the mirror and smile too. Finds calling a black man a monkey funny but gets in his feelings if any other group is cussed. ?
  16. ^ Not enough brain cells between these two clowns to start a fire.
  17. The WWE has more integrity than boxing at this point.
  18. Boy, who knows. Not saying that a racist smack head is credible but there’s always two sides to every story. Remember that Sundanese Arab looking yout in America that got arrested for bringing a clock bomb into school? Obama, Microsoft and all the big guys backed him, only to find out the little man had been trolling for time, trying to make it to the front page and got it? That’s why I never jump on these waves until all the facts are out.
  19. Longer sentences have proven not to be a deterrent. It’s putting a band aid on the problem. If you really think a mandatory ten/twenty year sentence is going to reduce knife carrying, then you’re truly deluded.
  20. Crazy. Man was drinking on the job. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/nov/11/croydon-bus-crash-driver-arrested-suspicion-drink-driving
  21. Why not? You have the other six days reserved.
  22. And posting in this thread doesn’t help promote him, nah?
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