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  1. ooh shit its back this is my show episode needs to be longer tho
  2. Zombbay

    Wireless 2016

    Way to old for wireless
  3. Zombbay

    Vegan Gang

    Good marketing So much shit is going to be fake outrage for marketing this year
  4. South = gritty West/North West = money, flashy, swag North = gritty East = music, they had music on lock at one point and East always looked like a shit hole
  5. Zombbay

    Break ups

    this spoke to me *claps*
  6. i swear he bought a new hair line too tbh if i was rich ill do the same thing
  7. julez look finished im going to remember this bit for the dipset movie on BET special
  8. Zombbay


    It's the moon walk the clean hot step after that does it for me Soo clean
  9. Can't lie, the being a send out talk in your late 20s is beyond neeky.
  10. Zombbay


    The doll is racist as fuck What actually makes him look like a "road man"? That's the question
  11. what phone have you got? Camera is crisss
  12. You go over the top sometimes u no
  13. Bruv u not going to post what he said Or should we all guess?
  14. what the hell did i just watch looool the way she just left the dog to rumble in the house wheres the full video!
  15. Rah man went fully bounty You never go full bounty bro
  16. felt like the album was quite boring with no stand out songs apart from count to five everyone uses the same formula for RnB these days i don't get it.
  17. Gonna listen to Rhye now, that song bangs
  18. bruv, wanted to ask the same thing raving in 97 must of been live
  19. no way you can be in your late 20's thinking like that #BountyMentality
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