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  1. Hear, hear William ✊🏻👏👏👏👏👏👏 This government lies like a rug. Media are touting for it, proclaiming testing is 'available to all key workers'. Nonsense. Utter bullshit. It's available to those who are symptomatic. That's the gaping caveat. Many of us will be asymptomatic. That's the most dangerous type of person to expose other workers to. I can't see or hold my son because we don't know if I'm well. I go to work every single shift despite not knowing if I'm well. I could for all I know be a super spreader of something other than class unity. We need full testing for all essential workers an
  2. Connorwickham stop trolling my posts you imbecile
  3. To be fair i hate all lying tory mps who cheered when voted against lifting the pay cap on nurses and other public service workers absolutely pissed me off to the max. People need to wake up this government isn't for the many it will always represent the few
  4. As much as i hate boris i hope he pulls through which I'm sure he will this could be a stunt who knows
  5. Don't just neg me tell who died?
  6. Who died man was it kerser
  7. This is only the start of it
  8. Conservative government have so much much blood onn there hands for their incompetence in handling this virus by not closing borders and testing when advised by WHO
  9. She's some any porn star but worth a bang bareback
  10. This pandemic is very serious people we have take care and do what is asked of us and only go out for essentials take care everyone
  11. RIP to every fallen comrade to the virus sorry bit late but least I'm making the effort
  12. I haven't seen the army yet. What endz?
  13. This virus is absolutely off the radar with its cruelty to vulnerable and elderly people followed by an incompetent government led by the bozo the clown Johnson
  14. Peeps just bloody wash you're hands and stop spreading germs
  15. Totally agree with you it's just another distraction how bad this government is at running the country JC4PM forever in my heart
  16. What a fight that was fury just showed another side to his boxing skooled wilder from start to finish
  17. I always thought mr Andy Peters was gay it's about time he told the world what most people know
  18. What's everyone's thoughts on Phil coming out. I was shocked didn't see that coming
  19. This site needs closing ASAP no compassion shown to Kobe
  20. People who voted brexit to be worse off after the transition phase i hope you get what's coming to you a time of torture
  21. The greatest b ball player of all time without a shadow of a doubt. Show your respect members of the vip2 community for this fallen comrade
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