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  1. Can't see number 2, but all of them look nice.lol @ this one tho, why pose showin your back when there is nothing to show
  2. You miss the point..yeah but i can kinda see where this guy's comin from tho.....Yeah I can see what he's saying but it's still relevant.
  3. like them ones who like michael jacksons music, but think touchin little children is a bit muchsilly innit
  4. Brukfoot

    Vip2 Changes

    What sort of podcast?
  5. Brukfoot

    Mario Kart

    Was never gonna be a cop anyway, straight play-at-bredrins-yard ting out here.
  6. Definitely, even if all the instrumentals were at least a year old at the time.
  7. Jus wanna find some tunes worth getting, so everyone just name 1 or 2 dubstep tunes worth gettinI'll start the ball rollin with:Kromestar - Here We ComePS: if anyone knows a place to buy decent quality DRM-protection-free dubstep mp3s say where please, safe
  8. I'm friggin hungry aswell, but I'm jammin in bed ready to go sleep, and the only food in the yard is brown bread or cereal. Pissed because groceries ain't comin tomorrow till like 4-6pm.
  9. Brukfoot

    The Office.

    the office is jokes, but I only find it funny watching it the first time
  10. rah 'llow ityou got a link to an article?
  11. Just watched the new episode of Lost, 'llow them slow moving plots.
  12. Not feelin the tracklist tbh but I'm sure others will, good luck with sales.
  13. Brukfoot

    The Main Page

    looks better than it used to be
  14. Ask yourself....does it look like it's worth £52?
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