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Found 612 results

  1. Guest

    Are producers leaving grime??

    because vinyl sales are down, alot of producers are not making grime their main priority to release on vinylwas having a talk with my bredrin(a producer) on saturday, and he was telling me how he went into uptown and asked the guy who works there about releasing an E.P(costs, profit etc.) and the guy basically told him how theres no point in releasing one due to the fact no one really comes in to buy grime vinyls anymoredo you think this will deter producers away from making grime?producers like virgo seem to have kinda left grime http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=48570550seems to be on the same vibe as cameoits not gonna help the scene at all if producers arent making grime their main prioritythoughts?
  2. Skola

    Newham Generals

    just saw them tonite supporting dizzie on his tourthey done a whole bunch of tunes maybe 6 - 8 and out of all of themlike 75% are bangersi mean i stay in GLASGOW...we dont have Grime here (expect about 3 producers and 5 mcs including myself) and ppl were SKANKIN OUTthere were sum bangers....sorta dubstepish beats that tubby plays...one called wet p*ssy or sumthin lol but yeah the tunes were goodi thot the generals were floppin with the lack of new material but these tunes show they have been grinding but keepin it low keyat the end dizzie + his hype man went b2b with foots and double and it was livedizzie aint forgot all his old bars trust he will tear up the club with "mic check one two guns in the air....." etci got in free tho i dunno if it woulda been worth £12.50 but still
  3. Due to all artists rhyming on all tempo's it seems that grime is a subsidary of Hip Hop.Or a CultureGuys Like Scorcher And Wretch are Molding it into something good for the future.Im loving the rap takeover of grime still
  4. Guest

    Production Techniques in Grime

    i know a lot of if not close to all producers are using software (fruity loops, reason, ableton, etc) but does anybody use MPC's? obviously more hip hop oriented stuff this is on the top list but how about grime/dubstep?
  5. Guest

    That Prez T track

    Bad times after not listening to grime for a while i'm officially late on what and who's moving right now in the scene. But theres that prez T track thats blowing up all over, its the slow tempo one with what sounds like a yout singing through it. beg someone tell me name of the track and the riddim cause it needs a swift download.
  6. Eskimo Dance Radio ShowMusical Mob, Roll Deep, SLK, More Fire, Special D, Grimesville, Wolf Pack. http://www.sendspace.com/file/rawwwp This set was at Freeze FM a few days before one of the Eskimo Dances.Part 2 will be up soon. This is Grime when it was hype.
  7. List some suggestions you think could make grime a better genre.
  8. In the clubs, the recent clubs i've been to they have been banging out the grime.i refuse to say grime is dead it just needs more bangers your views?
  9. http://uk.current.com/watch/4195070is it me or are they going on like they started it??
  10. Guest


  11. DIZZEE RASCAL - Maths+English Rating ****1/2ITâS only when youâve had it hard that you really appreciate the good things in life.Take Dylan Mills, the boy from a tough East End council estate who grew up to be the dazzling Dizzee Rascal.âThereâs loads of s**t out here, man,â says the 21-year-old rapper. âAnd you really can have it. You may come from a c**p background, but you can have the world.âFast-talking Dizzee found a way out of crime and poverty through music and sees no reason why other kids shouldnât strive for a better life too.These feelings loom large in World Outside, his mission statement that kicks off Maths+English, comfortably the most compelling hip-hop album of the year.He says the track strives to be ârealisticâ about what ghetto kids can achieve and avoids some of the obvious cheap shots. âIt would be easy for me to shout about having a great time. You know. I drink champagne. I f*** loads of girls. I drive the biggest cars.âBut thereâs the other way of seeing it. Some of these kids really donât know nothinâ else other than crack and poverty.âThis attitude sets the tone for a third album that follows his Mercury Prize-winning debut Boy In Da Corner (2003) and Showtime (2004). The secret of Dizzeeâs success lies in his sheer honesty, style and convincing street savvy. He may be a star but he never forgets his roots.The new albumâs blazing first single Sirens, a riot of full-on inner city sounds, revisits the darker days of his teens. âWhere I grew up, there was burned-out cars all around me,â he says. âWhen youâre very young, you donât know any better than what you see around you.âI donât want to get it twisted like I donât know any better. âEveryone makes their choices. There are people who live on council estates that work hard and try to do good all their lives and never get involved in anything.âFor the young Dylan Mills, however, âthere was a bad patch. I was quite reckless and I was aware of what I was doing. You go through a phase of not giving a s**t basically.âSo, did music stop him spiralling into a life of drugs and danger? âYeah â I suppose so,â he replies. âBy the time my friends got to the age where they dabbled in crack and everything else, I had money from selling records.âI was rolling with my friends but I didnât need to do that. Iâd be doing raves and theyâd be doing that other thing. âIt was a natural progression. I didnât choose music over crime. I was just into music and followed it through.âOne possible cloud on the current horizon is Dizzeeâs fallout with fellow grime merchant Wiley, founder of the Roll Deep crew. The new song P***yâole is rumoured to be about him, and Wileyâs new album, Playtime Is Over, out on the same day as Maths+English, includes a rap called Letter 2 Dizzee.âI donât speak his language, man,â says Dizzee. âI donât really care (that heâs putting a record out on the same day). Everyone else does.â So is P***yâole about him? âNah, P***yâoleâs about P***yâoles.âAnother key track is Hard Back (Industry), which deals with the perils of the music business and talks about finding a label that âisnât full of p***ks.â The rapper says that âright now Iâm actually out of my record dealâ but he adds that indie label XL are âcool, man. Thereâs some things we donât always agree on. Theyâve got stronger and weaker points like I have but other than that our relationshipâs been good.âAt a time when hip-hopâs getting a bad press, Dizzeeâs showing a clean pair of Nike trainer heels to many of his brothers in music, particularly those on the other side of the Atlantic.He doesnât seem bothered working in a genre where sales are down and great albums are in short supply. âIâm seeing the bigger picture, man,â he says. âIâm a fan of hip-hop but I come from a place called England thatâs rich with musical influences. As well as soul and R&B, I got drumânâbass and loads of things to play with so Iâll always be experimenting.âTo Dizzee, cracking the American market is not the priority it once was. He says: âIâm not so enthusiastic about it. Now I understand what America is socially and culturally and there are things about me theyâll never understand.âItâs clear, too, that he loves his fellow homegrown young artists, whatever their style. âYeah, people like Lily Allen or Joss Stone or The Streets or Amy Winehouse â they can understand what the f*** Iâm saying for a start.âWanna Be is another song that squints in brighter horizons by cherishing home comforts and features an addictive singing part from Lily. âYeah, we clicked,â he says of his time in the studio with her. âProfessionalism, man. Everyone I worked with on this album stepped up for me.âThat sentiment also goes for Arctic Monkeys and particularly singer Alex Turner whose distinctive voice graces Dizzeeâs new version of the Sheffield bandâs Temptation. The rapper explains: âI sent smoke signals saying I wanted to work with them. They asked me to vocal their song Temptation. âThey came to London and I did that. It was the B-side for their single Brianstorm.âThen it was remixed, sampled, had a beat put underneath it and I wrote some extra verses. Thatâs the version Iâve got on my album.âMaths+Englishâs sense of British contemporary music history also comes into play on Suck My D***, a fun song that marks Dizzeeâs singing debut. âItâs a punky song, innit!â he exclaims. âThe John Lydon thing, the whole Sex Pistols thing. I thought of the beat, came up with the melody and wrote the lyrics. âIt was one of them spontaneous ones. I thought Iâd go the whole way with it.âHe adds: âI know I canât sing like Usher or R Kelly but I thought I should make a job of it. This albumâs about fun.âWhile thereâs a gritty thread through the album, this obvious determination to keep things upbeat comes across all the time.âI wanted to entertain more, make it my most entertaining album,â says Dizzee. âI wanted to branch out a lot more. Iâd been on tour getting to know who my fans were. âThey werenât necessarily the same as when I was just doing raves in London. I realised I had to vary things.âI made a point of making this album a bit clearer, a bit simpler. Itâs definitely my most defined album. Iâm real proud of it, man.âMaths, he says, means the beats and English means the words. We say Maths + English = Ace.http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2006140...7250321,00.html
  12. out of all the grime artist in pen, who would you free most??mines gotta be titch, but he would probably get sent back in somehow
  13. if you have any old skool grime beats or requests post em in here.i'll start.im sure most ppl already have this but f*ck itmusical mobb-pulse X:[hide]http://www.sendspace.com/file/ld3pxd[/hide]p.s. does the hide hack even work?
  14. Sketch'E Showcase // ManicFM // Thursdays 6pm-8pmwww.myspace.com/djsketche (Sketch'E)www.myspace.com/stylergfam (Styler)www.myspace.com/cel22uk (Cel 22)www.myspace.com/calibars (Calibar)www.myspace.com/sicxsense (Sicx)www.myspace.com/voltagemc (Voltage)www.myspace.com/creeperkidd (Creeper Kidd)Download (Big up Septik for the recording!!!)...http://download.yousendit.com/7D22E090295BF44FVideo... [/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url]===================================TracklistingExo Remedy - Sketch'E Intro (CDR)Striver - T-Shirt Advert (Nu Brand FleXxX)Dimples - Grime (Move & Shake) (CDR)Nu Brand FleXxX - The Anthem (Sketch'E Special)Rekless ft. Donae'O, Sharky P & Scandal - Step Back (First Up Recs)Beezy ft. Aurora - Can U Dance (A Day In The Life)Spyro ft. Various - Clashing Kings Remix (CDR)Clipper ft. Fumin, 2Face & Ozzie B - 180 Degrees (180 Degrees On Fire)Nu Brand FleXxX ft. Blemish - Untitled (Nu Brand FleXxX)Dreama ft. Jendor, Blacks & Young Dot - Touch & Go (OG's)Nu Brand FleXxX - Gash By The Hour Remix (Nu Brand FleXxX)Roll Deep - Celebrate That (Rules & Regulations)Blacks & Young Dot - Stay There (OG's)DVA ft. DDark, S-Kid, Royal & T.Threat - Button Basher (Sketch'E Special)Brutality - Cant Bring It To Me (Sketch'E Special)Ironik ft. Dollar Da Dustman & Cookie G - Energy (Sketch'E Special)DaVinChe ft. Tinchy Strider - Breakaway (Takeover Entertainment)Nu Brand FleXxX - Pitta Patta (Nu Brand FleXxX)All In One - Get To Work (Sketch'E Special) (Off The Rail)Nu Brand FleXxX - NBF Team (Nu Brand FleXxX)*Calibar - Not In My Calibar Mixtape (Out 29th May)*Calibar - Their Not In My Calibar (Not In My Calibar Mixtape)Stormar - Going Down (OG's)Calibar - Sabartage (Not In My Calibar)Dimples - D.I.M.P.L.E.S. (CDR)Calibar ft. Scorcher - The Roads (Not In My Calibar)Random Impulse - Masks (Word On The Street Vol.2)Calibar ft. P.Nero - Cali & Nero (Not In My Calibar)Shy One ft. Kwamnut - Bump Who (CDR)Calibar ft. Ghetto & Scorcher - Dont Act Out Of Place (Not In My Calibar)Lewi White ft. Ghetto - Its Ghetts (CDR)*Styler, Cell 22, Calibar, Sicx, Voltage & Creeper Kidd Touch Down*Exo Remedy - Assault (CDR)Ratchet - Mayhem Remix (OT Recordings)Dreama - Akuma Remix (OG's)CaoS - Dangerous (CDR)Darqe Dubz - Sly Shuttle 3 (Nu Brand FleXxX)Scru Face & Stimpy - Flukist (CDR)Ruffy - Would U Be There (Sketch'E Special)Delerious - Rush 3 (Nite Knights)CaoS - Ghosts On Road (CDR)Nocturnal - Top 3 Selected Remix (Nite Knights)Young Dot - Unknown (OG's)Moky & SX - 1st Symphony (Real Music)Rude Kid - Let Loose (Sketch'E Special)Young Dot - Unknown (OG's)bGz - Badmind (CDR)Striver - Pricks (Nu Brand FleXxX)Dips - Paper 4x4 (CDR)Darqe Dubz - Singe (Nu Brand FleXxX)===================================StylerCell 22, Sicx & CalibarVoltage, Creeper Kidd & SicxIf you have any beats you want to get to me... email them straight to sketch@ntlworld.comBig up
  15. yo peeps, posted this on rwdmag.com forum, and got 0 replys... but I heard from somebody that nobodys readin that sh*t anymore anyways, so thought to drop it here too, would love some positive/negative/constructive feedback from all u UK headz... peep the show + holla on this thread! oh ye - NO WORRIES - THE SHOW IS 100% IN ENGLISH -----Basically I do a show with a few regular DJ's on Reload-Radio every sunday 14-16 UK TIME called Helsinki SUBconscious presented by ROKO and we did this Grime Special recently, thought to let you heads know we reppin the grime up here in Finland too!This set features 2 MC's and 3 DJ's, theres plenty of other music than Grime too, but a proper Grime thing half way through the audio onwards....I got a different Special Guest for each show, this week it was Dead Kidd a.k.a Disco Dead Kid of Deadboys Massive, also in the studio we had some other Deadboys reppin on the mic-side of things: Puppa Spyda and MC Mindman...check out the AUDIO here:Helsinki SUBConscious presented by ROKO (01-04-07) @ Reload-Radio (Featuring Special Guest Dead Kidd of Deadboys Massive, Surprise Guest Puppa Spider, MC Mindman, Pussu)would be good to get some feedback from you UK heads!!!!!! also any producers --- we're hungry to play more GRIME in our show, and feature up & coming talent & sound... or established too why not.... so please PM me if you wanna link me with your productions so we can rinse it on the show (it's got listeners from bare countries already!) + MC's got something fresh to murk on!!! Grime Special #2 coming as soon as I gots more fresh selection down...Peace out from Helsinki! :DPS. If you enjoy the show & wanna check out more of them, peep the archives up at http://www.flapjack.be/AutoIndex/index.php...nkisubconcious/tracklist for the show coming soon!ROKO on MySpace
  16. Guest

    J2K - Who Am I [Reviews]

    i would go as far as saying there is barley one grime track.Heat in the Street 1 & 2 >>> Kano Mixtape >>> Who Am I?the hip hop on this is sh*t compared to his first 2 mixtapes.full analysis soon.
  17. Guest

    Grime/Dubstep Live Mix [Audio]

    DJL warm-up mix recorded live @ The Cellar, Oxford, UK April 07Download Here:[hide:57f3fecae8]]http://www.sendspace.com/file/ng0jw5[/hide:57f3fecae8]1. ââ¬ËOutsider Looking Inââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Altair2. ââ¬ËRobotic Pandasââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Bowzer & Mikeok3. ââ¬ËBumpy v2ââ¬â¢ ââ¬â abZ4. ââ¬ËWhere Are Youââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Younga, Kast, Storm, Shockas & Griminal5. ââ¬ËDodgy Successful Black menââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Slix6. ââ¬ËDangerââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Phokus feat. Dirty Danger7. ââ¬ËRootââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Loefah8. ââ¬ËNewham Generals War Dubââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Wiley9. ââ¬ËDonââ¬â¢t Come Singleââ¬â¢ ââ¬â D Double E10. ââ¬ËGive Me A Dubââ¬â¢ ââ¬â SDM11. ââ¬ËNatty Dreadââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Tes La Rok12. ââ¬ËTek Soldierââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Pure13. ââ¬ËNiponeseââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Oyaarss14. ââ¬ËCellaââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Distance15. ââ¬ËSilent Winnersââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Ramadanman16. ââ¬ËBig Soundââ¬â¢ ââ¬â Lurk & Gully17. ââ¬ËDepartureââ¬â¢ - Slix
  18. Here's a showcase mix of 15 of my beats. It was done in VirtualDJ, so the mixing quality is sketchy in parts, but it's the first time I've used it, so gimme a break. A few vocals on there, but mostly instrumentals.Anyway, tracklisting....1. Futurism2. Epic3. 19824. Random Thoughts (Instrumental)5. Radiate6. Myspace Murder (ft. Kleaver)7. Don't Bite (ft. D-Dark)8. Shanktown (ft. Revolver)9. I'm So Ghetto (Instrumental)10. F.E.A.R. (Grime Dub)11. Mindgames12. Dubwarfare13. Prove It (Instrumental)14. Slide15. Untitledhttp://www.sendspace.com/file/lq5qgmt.
  19. Im getting tired of arguing with people about whats better Grime or UK Hip Hop, So i thought i'd post some proof on why UK Hip Hop cant touch Grime.......post anything that helps this righteous causeGriminal f*ck Radio [/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url]Ghetto Risky Roadz 2 [/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url]Kano Ps & Qs [/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url]JME Serious [/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url]Dizzee Rascal - I Luv Uhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVzhsnlIRjs...related&search=VS Battling outside Selfridges.....Poor Mans Rap battle!Stig vs Mic Assassin [/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url]UK ON THAT NEW YORK sh*t LOLSAS Cheeriohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64PIDyBMqbIBigz Cor Blimey [/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url]PDC - Wannbe Smack DVD sh*t [/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url]
  20. You might like this....Breaks/Dark 4x4 Mix from Morph (Saved Soul/Narrows Ect) & his crew J3DI....The dark 4x4 sound was what paved the way for grime in a way so check out this..... sick mix, pure grimey beats, not any imatation hip hop sh*t.1)Morph ââ¬â Slave2)Herbzman ââ¬â Never Know3)Klassic ââ¬â Command And Conquer4) Morph ââ¬â Bear Belly5) Herbzman ââ¬â Pendulum6) Klassic ââ¬â Klax Waves 27) Herbzman ââ¬â The Unnatural8) Morph ââ¬â Revolution9) Klassic ââ¬â Snowstorm10) Herbzman ââ¬â Boomba11) Klassic ââ¬â What I Am12) Morph ââ¬â Original BadmanDownload:[hide:61767768c2]http://www.dj-klassic.co.uk/klassic/audio/j3dimix.mp3[/hide:61767768c2]Interview:[hide:61767768c2]http://www.dj-klassic.co.uk/klassic/audio/j3diinterview.mp3[/hide:61767768c2]
  21. Griminal - Its Alothttp://www.sendspace.com/file/9rc55nGhetto & Devlin - Hero [Clearer Rip]http://www.sendspace.com/file/f8c4oaRandom Impulse - Masks (Maniac Production)http://www.sendspace.com/file/3o5l2zNasty Jack - Streets On Lockhttp://www.sendspace.com/file/3brok5No Lay - It Could Get Uglyhttp://www.sendspace.com/file/ym0rtiNasty Jack & Griminal & Wretch 32 - Its Coming Downhttp://www.sendspace.com/file/66wtxiAftershock Youth & Lethal Bizzle - Hatershttp://www.sendspace.com/file/f9ako3Badness - Apocolypto (Remix)http://www.sendspace.com/file/2rq0whMizz Brat - Lets Take It Backhttp://www.sendspace.com/file/ddlw3vFuda Guy - One Of Them Dayshttp://www.sendspace.com/file/8ny4gwSet:Logan Sama Kiss 100 15-05-07 - Nasty Jack & Storminhttp://www.sendspace.com/file/wgs4u1One For Aza T:Logan Sama Bigging Up Aza T's Grime Scene Podcasthttp://www.sendspace.com/file/nath06
  22. Guest

    Rossi B & Luca 20 Min Rinseout

    Download Here:[hide:c892cfbace]http://www.rossibandluca.com/grime.mp3[/hide:c892cfbace]Tracklist:Virgo ft B Live & Flirta D - The Clack RiddimDexplicit - ResistanceHerbzman - UntitledRossi B & Luca ft Gully Gang - Music MoneyPlastician - BadboyEssentials Feat Snipekeedo - So Much BetterShots - WarvilleDubchild - Shaolin RiddimSkepta - FreestyleJoker - Gully Brook LaneRossi B & Luca ft Wiley - Music Money FreestyleWiley - shangooliPlastician - Real ThingsRoll Deep - Hickory d*ckorySkream - Dutch Flowerz
  23. Back in the day everyone loved to hear a new grime dvd being produced and it was an important part of the scene. The freestyles, interviews etc. gave everyone a view on all different aspects of grime and learn more about the scene.Now I dont hear about any dvds coming out, the last dvd that came out was so sh*t. A documentary on the movement. Who the f*ck cares about you going to pick up Scorcher from pen?Wheres Risky Roadz, Practice hours, Lord Of The Decks, Aim High all gone? Some of the freestyles from the DVDs where the best you will hear from the grime sound.Is this affecting the scene?
  24. This the first ever grime video podcast. It features many artists from the grime scene, along with interviews, freestyles, sets and videos. The first episode features an exclusive 3reestyle by the following artists:- Black The Ripper- Cel22- Sicx- Styler- Cookie- Chipmunk- Hammer- Jeeday Jawz- Shalo Dat KiddThe podcast is available on itunes. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast so you can enjoy all the episodes as soon as they are available. To subscribe to the podcast you can either go to the iTunes store and type grime which should bring up the podcast. Or you can go to http://www.myspace.com/y3low and click on the download button in order to subscribe. If you have any difficulties please don't hesitate to email me: y3_low@hotmail.co.ukhttp://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...st?id=252676641http://feeds.feedburner.com/GrimesNotDeadhttp://www.archive.org/download/y3mediaGri...1iPod_Video.m4v
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