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Found 612 results

  1. Click here for the Audio.Artists - TitleSRC- HallucinatingM.I.K - Im back you knowTerror Danjah - Square offManiac - MandemSilencer - Mr TP Money - If Mans talkingDemos - Shots from farSkepta ft Wiley - Are you ready.Jammer and co - BeforeSRC - GoombaOG'z - Passin ThruRoll Deep - Heat upChase and status - SaxonSuspicious Stench - Breathe(remix)DoubleS - Pot full of goldBenny Page - Pan PipesMaxsta - East London is back.Moony - The CircusBlack the Ripper - You aint got Swagger.Target - Poltergeist relay(Terror Danjah remix)Roll Deep - Poltergeist relayWho's that?(Producer segment) - Jack DanielsJack Daniels - BatsliceJack Daniels - BlaowJack Daniels - Untitled?Jack Daniels - DangerousJack Daniels - No 7Jack Daniels - CPUJack Daniels - HydrolicThe Heavy - How you like me now(Joker remix)SMD - Cruel intentions(Joker remix)Little Boots - Remedy(Rusko Remix)Caspa and Rusko - Bread get BunJakes V Joker - 3KLaneP Money - Left the RoomGhetto - Grime ActivityGhetto ft Griminal, and Brutal - ThreatsTrue Tiger - WD25.Tempa T - Next HypeGeo - iBunk V ShangralahSNK - WavySketchE - Power OutageGeo - BeatFreshRuff Squad - Tryna Be MeWiley ft a bag of man - 16Bar RallyJammer,Skepta,Tempa T - Bring your crew then.Uncle Sam - In the VIP.Uncle Sam - ThoughtsCoki - TorturedRusko & Caspa - King GeorgeSkream - Dutch FlowerzTracklist is provisional as always.(will fill in gaps soonish) BTW people have been asking why the show changes length lol, it doesnt, its always 2 hours (11pm - 1am), I only record the mix, if ur ever able to listen live you'll know I run a few vocals b2b at the start of the show.Previous shows are on the blog as well. Gonna be doing the producer segment every other week or every 3 weeks. if u wanna get involved/send me some tunes, holla me on geo(at)grimeforum.com
  2. http://justgeouk.blogspot.com/2009/08/begi...rime-scene.htmlHad time, wrote stuff, hmmm I'm pretty sure I forgot certain pars but you lot can remind me for the intermediate guide...thoughts?
  3. Went In. Tbhimfo. but nah in terms of technical this has been my favourite show so far, by far.QuickTL, I have deadlines. Will fill in the blanks/deal with mistakes in a bit.http://www.sendspace.com/file/7ju5unSilencer - Final LapTempa T - Next HypeSilencer - Mr TSkepta - Oh my GoshDouble S- Pot full of GoldFrisco ft Jammer - Theres only oneBashy ft Scorcher and Wretch - RansomSkepta - King of GrimeJammer, Slix, Stryder - U Do UP Money - Fruits and VegSuspicious Stench - Breathe remixBenny Page - Pan pipesLittle Boots - Remedy (Rusko Remix)Bassment Jaxx - Feelings gone (Rusko Remix)Fire Camp - Fire FireDJ Narrows - Saved SoulMercston ft Ghetto - Good Old daysTerror Danjah - Square OffManiac - ManDemP Money - If mans talking.Chase and Status - SaxonTinchy ft Ruff Squad - Tryna be meDOK - WarningDeset - Mindwarp V EcstacyBenny Page - Step outGhetto ft Katie pearl - Run the Road.Jack Daniels - CPUSRC - GoombaCaspa and Rusko - Bread get BunJakes V Joker - 3KLaneSuspicious stench -Suspicious stench -Demos - Shots from farSkepta - Fin widda TeamBig H - HooliganMoony - BarleyGeo - Partake in the Par.JME - Dont get rudeRuff Squad - XtraGhetto - Whos got Lyrics.Nocturnal - Dont phone me.Jammer ft Bare guys - BeforeRuff Squad - 100%Lowdeep ft Doctor,Kano,Ghetto, Seac- Get SetJoker - Solid stateSketchE - Deep SixGeo - SubliminalsJack Daniels - Dangerous?SRC - Hallucinating?Moony - MD?SNK - WavyDemos - Trapped in Atari City 3.5Demos - 808 Feet DeepGeo - GuiltyLast weeks show (13thOct) and TL available @:http://justgeouk.blogspot.com/2009/10/geog...-audio-and.htmlCheck the parring the grime scene blog on the boxfresh site:http://www.myboxfresh.com/2009/10/23/a-beg...he-grime-scene/
  4. Worth a punt...........This thread is an automatic RSS feed from our home page and it is best viewed in it's original format here.‘Friend of mine, Foe of the music’ is the debut mixtape offering from West London MC/songwriter Warlock. Packed with concepts, real songs and instrumentals provided by the cream of the crop of up and coming production talent, this CD is set to make waves on the underground grime scene.“There is no mindless, stupid Music on here, the whole thing is concepts, this is an album of 15 songs, a cerebral CD, I like it, it’s a good look.”– Logan Sama, Kiss 100“Some of the strongest songwriting and lyrical wordplay I have yet heard from a UK artist.”– Britishhiphop.co.ukDownload From:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KWSFTEFGhttp://rapidshare.com/files/29616889...k-FOM_FOTM.rarwww.myspace.com/warlockra Tracklist: 1. Friend Of Mine (Produced by M Dot E) 2. Stick To Ma Gunz (Produced by Geo) 3. Drunk Dance (Ft. Dre) (Produced by BGZ) 4. Grime Train (Produced by S.O.S.) 5. Kurt Cobain (Produced by Rifle) 6. London’s Burning (Produced by G-dub) 7. Old Dog And Old Tricks (Produced by K Muzik) 8. Music Is My Legacy (Produced by K Muzik) 9. Please, Cautious (Ft. Direman & K.P.) (Produced by Rifle) 10. Mrs. Lewis 11. On Trial (Ft. Yello Boy) (Produced by Sly Rakkoon) 12. Nah Like Me (Produced by Bowzer) 13. Pump It (Ft. Gritty Commitee) (Produced by Rifle) 14. Old School (Produced by Sly Rakkoon) 15. Souls Crying (Ft. Tish) (Produced by Venom)


    at grime in 09010 it shud b fully dead
  6. almost forgothttp://stream.csrfm.com/stream.m3ustudio@csrfm.comsend tunes to the grimeforum email(via yousendit) if you need to attach the tune to the email send it to justgeo(at)gmail.comshouts and requests as usualTL and audio for last weeks show : http://justgeouk.blogspot.com
  7. Sketch'E // ManicFM // Thursdays 6pm-8pmFollow Me On Twitter = http://twitter.com/SketchEwww.facebook.com/sketchewww.myspace.com/djsketche www.myspace.com/sketcheandklassicwww.mediafire.com/sketcheDownload...http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wm3nz2zdmqm===================================TracklistingNu Brand FleXxX - EmergencyStyler - Dancing ShoesP Money - 1UpManga & J2k - StyleBig H - New MovesDarqe Dubz - Chow DownDVA - Kill All'a Dem VIPGhetts - ArtillerySketchman - I Do ThisJamkilla - GarbageManiac - OxygenJuice Aleem - First Lesson (Rude Kid Remix)Revolver - Splash CashHammer - Stinkin' (Sketch'E Special)Sketchman - Grimekid (Sketch'E Special)Random Impulse - Know About MeDarqe Dubz - Rhythm & SlagsGhetto & Griminal - Dont Phone MeMoky - Catch Me If You Can RemixScorcher ft. Various - I Know RemixWiley ft. Various - She Likes ToSilencer - Mr T Manga - MonsterP Money - Left The RoomG Fam - FiremanGeo - Sublow AssassinSketchman ft. Lee Brasco - TomorrowBeezy - Thoughts In Retrospect (L-Wiz Remix)Double S, Ultra & Versa - So ColdRossi B & Luca - E10Skepta - Oh My GoshB-Live - MerkersSketch'E - 9th DanDimples - One Hell Of A FreestyleShizzle, Gemma Fox, Bushkin & Mighty Moe - The GreatestHeartless Crew - Jump AroundStansar - Spanish Skank (Sketch'E OneAway)Twin MC's (So Solid) - 2 Me 2 YouGarna - SuperbangerMoky ft. P Money. Little Dee & Blacks - She's CrazyNu Brand FleXxX & Heartless Crew - NRGJ Beats - Dutty (Life & Death Instrumental)Darqe Dubz - Scumbag 2Geo - PolymorphismGumzy - Dun Da Hype RemixManiac - UglyCaski - Calling All DancersFirst City - Envy (6blocc Remix)Balistiq ft. Doctor - Run===================================Big up:D
  8. Sketch'E // ManicFM // Thursdays 6pm-8pmFollow Me On Twitter = http://twitter.com/SketchEwww.facebook.com/sketchewww.myspace.com/djsketche www.myspace.com/sketcheandklassicwww.mediafire.com/sketcheDownload...http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mdhjggm4ryo===================================Tracklisting***Funky Mix***Egypt - In The Morning (Ultra Refix)Blacks, Little Dee & Craiigg - I Got That Heartless Crew - Jump AroundTwin MC's (So Solid) - 2 Me 2 YouJamkilla & Chris Dixon - Pants OffUndisputed tf. Dotsar & Flirta D - Stunna ShadesDexplicit - Teenager RemixShizzle ft. Gemma Fox, Bushkin & Mighty Moe - The Greatest***Grime & Dubstep Mix***Sketchman - Grimekid (Sketch'E Special)Ghetts - ArtilleryRevolver - Splash CashManga - MonsterBalistiq ft. Jammer - Make A HitStyler - Dancing ShoesJamkilla - GarbageDarqe Dubz - Chow DownVirus Syndicate - AnythingManga ft. J2K - StyleGarna - WebcamGumzy - Dun Da Hype RemixDarqe Dubz - Do It AgainCaski - Calling All DancersMichael Rose & Damien Marley - Shoot Out (Nebulla Remix)Stansar - BloodclartDynamat - Baggy TrousersCaski - We Dont NeedNebulla & Dore ft. Bobo Saw - Abundance Of LoveCaspa ft. Uncle Sam - Lon-Don CityDynamat - 10 Day BenderMagnetic Man - The CybermanStansar - Spanish Skank (Sketch'E OneAway)Darqe Dubz - Scumbag 2G-Fam - FiremanScru Face - Crazzer RemixSketch'E - 9th DanDollar Da Dustman ft. Delusion - Act LooseBalistiq - War 09Stansar - Harry PotheadNero - Act Like You KnowEnigma - JumanjiGarna - 300Nebulla & Soroka - Flip Ya StashBalistiq ft. Doctor - RunJack Daniels - No.7Sketch'E - Deep SixManga - She Likes To===================================Big up:D
  9. Taurus

    Logan rips

    just seen these on grimeforumdot rotten - crazyhttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zo2zmggzmuwb live - im an oghttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?kyzjzzwdr3mtempa t - ring off da tinghttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qzltnitn2t3president t - freestylehttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nzmyt4t4njgbig h president t jme - real on roadhttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2gowy2mky1gtiny griminal - plaistow manhttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?4i0dejlvzn4ghetts - artilleryhttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wzdimobzhewterminator - one of the darkesthttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?cyjmm2mnggil.nasty - stageshow rhythmhttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nkhqmnnm1yjbrazen - living it largehttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gymmrznmz1fmanga j2k - flowshttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?warbih0o4t2trim - ease offhttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ti0kmymt2jybig h - alonehttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dw4uwz5d4qdscorcher j2k - step asidehttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?muno54daxqngriminal - cha chinghttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?u3gnmozmtby
  10. Today, September 21st, marks the release, both digitally and physically, of my latest offering – ‘Mental Breakdown Music’Here is a brief extract from the press release:“Mental Breakdown Music is the latest EP release by rising UK talent Context MC with a September 21st release date. More than just a compilation of songs, it is a chance to look into the mind of one the most lyrically and musically innovative artists of the moment. Featuring production from both unknown gems such as Vermin and InContext, and undisputed veterans such as Rob Sparx, the EP blends brooding, nihilistic dubstep, with the energy of grime, and incorporates a complexity and poignancy often shied away from……..”Tracklisting:1. Is It (Rat Attack Mix) [prod. Vermin] [bBC 1Xtra, Sub FM, Bondi FM Australia]2. That Fear [prod. Rob Sparx]3. Mental Breakdown Music [prod. Vermin]4. As the Sun Goes Down (Remix) [prod. InContext] [bBC Radio1, BBC 1Xtra]5. Headbutt Your Trainers [prod. Vermin]6. There Goes the Time (feat. Well Red) [prod. Context MC and Well Red]To get a copy on physical CD, just head over to my myspace and scroll down to the shop front to purchase using PayPalTo get as a digital download, it can be purchased from:AmazoniTunesand other good digital retailersSafe, and I hope you enjoy the releaseContext MCContext MC's BlogContext MC on Twittercontextmc@googlemail.com07896 681125
  11. Taken from Grime Forum:Download...http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?52jwy0f5dqjTracklisting***Funky Mix***Dexplicit - Teenagers Remix (DXP)Hannah Liston - Embrace Me (Crazy Cousins Remix)Chino - Nuff Gyal (CDR)Moony - Passion (CDR)Maxwell D - Jack It Up (CDR)Jamkilla & Chris Dixon - Calvin Harris Freestyle (CDR)Riton & Primary 1 ft. Wiley - Who's There? (Phantasy Sound)Shizzle ft. Gemma Fox, Bushkin & Mighty Moe - The Greatest (Bush Bash Recordings)Wretch 32 ft. Wiley - Superhero (Remix)***Grime & Dubstep Mix***Jamkilla - Garbage (CDR)Virus Syndicate - Anything (CDR)Mistabishi - Printer Jam (Barbarix Remix)Garna - 300 (Magic Circle)Sketch'E - Power Outage (Dub)Sketchman - Grime Kid (Sketch'E Special)Jack Daniels - No.7 (CDR)Garna - Webcam (Magic Circle)Sketch'E - 9th Dan (Dub)Dollar Da Dustman - Rain On Parades(CDR)Balistiq - War 09 (CDR)General Tank - Avalanche Trap (Heavytrackers)Stansar - Bloodclart (CDR)Nero - Act Like You Know (Breakbeat Kaos)Balistiq ft. Doctor - Run (Powercut Riddim)Balistiq ft. Badness - Gyalis (Powercut Riddim)Balistiq ft. Riko - If Them Ever Diss (Powercut Riddim)Balistiq ft. Shizzle - Bed Spread (Powercut Riddim)Balistiq ft. Trim - Pay For Your Weave (Powercut Riddim)Sketch'E - Deep Six (Dub)Revolver - Splash Cash (CDR)General Tank - The Obvious Grime (Heavytrackers)Mistabishi - White Collar Grime (Hospital Records)Stansar - Harry Pothead (CDR)Don Diablo & Example - Hooligans (Doorleys Dubstep Remix)Stansar - Feelin Ayte (CDR)Stansar - Spanish Skank (Sketch'E Special)Juice Aleem - First Lesson (Rude Kid Remix)Balistiq ft. Jammer - Make A Hit (CDR)Balistiq ft. J2K - Olympics (CDR)Balistiq ft. Chipmunk - Dont Be Greedy (CDR)===================================http://twitter.com/SketchEwww.myspace.com/djsketchewww.manicfm.com ...Thursdays 6pm-8pm
  12. Featuring DJ Big Beatz with Devlin, Ghetts, Dogzilla, Deeperman, Al Blaze and Doller Da Dustman. This set was dropped as a result of us reaching 100,000 downloads and to provide more sets for the grime scene. This studio set was paid for out of the Grime Forum funds in order to provide sets for grime fans. Sign up to the podcast via iTunes - Click hereAdd to your Google RSS - Click hereDownload directly - Click here, look for "download" on the site and click that Go to the actual article on the Grime Podcast blog
  13. Featuring DJ Jawzy spinning some of the best tunes to come from the Hoodstars camp while they were an active crew. Tunes from the likes of Wolf, Dot Rotten, Ice Kid and more! This download was brought to you by the “Too Hood To Care Star” label.Sign up to the podcast via iTunes - Click hereAdd to your Google RSS - Click hereDownload directly - Click here, look for "download" on the site and click thatLook out for a studio set with some East London MCs coming this Sunday, will confirm once its been recorded, you know how MCs can be.
  14. contradicted himself about 10 timesnd westwood done more for grime then logan lolhttp://blackdownsoundboy.blogspot.com/2009...-interview.html quite possible to blend the tunes together.MN: Yeah if you listen to Spyro he plays a full on mixture.B: Yup, Spyro and Maximum are pretty incredible DJs. MN: Yeah definitely.B: So tell me about the mix CD?MN: Rinse has mixed listeners so I wanted to do what I do on my show, which is just a mix of everything. Just do me. I’ve done a mix CD for someone else, and it’s just all commercialised crap. Whereas the Rinse one is what I like, underground and a mixture of both. It’s more of what I’m into.
  15. Guest

    Terror Danjah - Gremlinz

    Comes out September 28th, on Planet Mu Records. 3x12" Tracklist:a1. Big-E-D: Frontline (Terror Danjah Remix)a2. Piano Madnessa3. DJ Target: Poltergeist (Terror Danjah V.I.P. Remix)b1. Zumpi Hunterb2. Hyperphonixb3. Stiffc1. Green Streetc2. Skepta: D.T.I. (Terror Danjah Remix)c3. Radard1. Skepta: Love Is Here To Stay (Terror Danjah Remix)d2. Planet Shockd3. Crowbar 2e1. Limboe2. Splashe3. Haunted (Boogeyman Instrumental)f1. Code Morse (with D.O.K.)f2. DJ Marsta: Fibre (Terror Danjah Remix)f3. ReloadzNice way to fill in a few gaps in my collection tbh, will be picking this up.More grime producers should do stuff like this. A Ruff Sqwad one would be amazing. Logan was meant to be putting that out about 4 years ago, but it never happened.
  16. Single: She Likes To (The England 10) Artist: Wiley Feat J2K, Wrigley, Ice-Kid, Wretch 32, Ghetts, Bashy, Scorcher, Chipmunk and Griminal Release Date: September 7th (Digital only) Following on from the success of previous singles Cash in my Pocket, Summertime and smash hit Wearing my Rolex, rapper, producer and MC legend Wiley is set to return with the release of his latest track She Likes To. The new single is available from September 7th and features some of the hottest artists in the UK Grime scene including Wrigley, J2K, Bashy, Chipmunk, Wretch 32, Ice-Kid, Ghetts, Scorcher and Griminal. The track combines a killer beat with the fast flowing vocals and sharp witty lyrics, that Wiley has become well known for, and is a masterclass in modern urban music, from some of its brightest new stars. The importance of Wileys contribution to the UKs urban music scene cannot be exaggerated. From UKG's 'Nicoles Groove' to being a member of Pay As You Go, Boy Better Know and, of course, Roll Deep, this enigmatic MC and prolific producer has more than earned the title of Godfather of Grime, whilst his recent chart success has now catapulted him in to the mainstream audience. This latest offering is sure to cement his reputation as an artist at the top of his game. official video:
  17. FinalBawse

    Marvell FM 2

    Dropping today for anybody who is interested.Apart from the odd westwood video I don't really listen to them...ain't even listened to the first tbh.But, been watching the countdown thing on Grimedaily and the anticipation is there.http://marvellmusic.wordpress.com/2009/08/...r-marvell-fm-2/Downloading atm, we'll see...
  18. Interviewed By James Toone for http://www.2ne.co.ukTell everyone who you are, for those who don’t already know…I go by the name M.I.K (Musik Is Knowledge) I’m straight outta South-east London the gutter land but on a larger scale reppin the UK, I’ve been doing the music thing since like 2002 but seriously since 08/09 and I’m doing it purely for the love of it…Tell me a bit about your new mixtape, Workaholic…Well its my 1st proper release 21 tracks of real strong grime music for the real grime fans I hope it gives people an incite to my life cause I’ve put a lot of hard work into it…What goals have you set yourself for 2010?To release another mixtape that I’m already working on (Grime To Five) and just appeal to a wider audience. I would also like to push myself to experiment in new genres tooWhat genres would you like to try?Electro, breaks, drum n bass, trance, dance. Iv tried out these styles but I think if I push myself I can really work well under any genre. My main aim is to make energetic music, any genre I’m doing where someone is bouncing to it then iv succeededFunky is killing it at the moment across the UK, we have seen many grime mc’s moving to the genre. Would you consider a move?At the moment my hearts in grime music I respect what the funky scene is doing but yeah I’m grime all day maybe id do 1 just to promote myself more, be stupid not to take advantage of a good opportunity as its also good to support any young UK music genre which is doing so well in the sceneCan you see yourself releasing an album commercially?Yes eventually as I think I have something big to offer the listeners of the UK, and maybe world wide, lets see how far we can take grime!Urban music is often linked to knife and gun crime, do you think your music helps young mc’s, many without role models?I don’t try to influence people, it is up to them to make there own decisions right or wrong. I ultimately try to make energetic music that motivates people positively.Thanks for the interview, look out for M.I.K’s new mixtape out in stores now. Links below.http://www.ukrecordshop.com/item/mik-workaholic.htmlhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/MIK/58564044158?ref=tshttp://www.myspace.com/mrcrashbang
  19. aint listened to grime though listened to tempz and a jme set the other day and that got me hype.anyone suggest some good recent sets to listen to??
  20. I have some remaining stock of t-shirts only available in Medium brand new and must go. In the shops its £16 with p+p which in total is £19 you can buy one directly from me for £10 + p+p which in total is £12.50. I'm taking payments by paypal and money can be sent to the email address jasonbusiness@hotmail.co.uk. For enquiries contact jasonjules@hotmail.co.uk or phone me directly at 07961140892 or 07903052968
  21. Axe Fm 15/07/09 Dj Mad Vybez, Nationality feat Jammin, A.K and Blazehttp://rapidshare.com/files/259839417/mad_...nality.mp3.htmlTracklistingVenom 2 // plasticman0800 Dub// SkreamDirtbag // Dj SilencerVET // NocturnalRegulation // Dj silencerDon’t phone me // NocturnalGunman skank // WaiferStop // NocturnalColder remix // WileyNext Hype// Dark e FreqStay down the road // NocturnalMagic Circle // Garna hetikWar Report // NocturnalHeadshot // ManiacCha // Plasticman (tease)Gype remix // PlasticmanThug // ManiacIts Normal // Rude Kid?? //Maniac (minds gone blank its on n.a.g)Grime and Bass // Dot RottenWhat the Rass // ManiacBazooka // Dot RottenWarning // DOK16 Bar Rally // Blessed Beats1 up // Royal – T3 Plates // Footsie (minds gone blank again)Snake Eater // JokerWW4 // Dj SilencerNothing // RapidFrontline remix // Terror Danger??? // Rude Kid (was on the free e.p he done with tank)Trojan // Terror DangerWar Report // JemziSaxon // Chase and StatusAnother Hoe Remix // some bootleggerSeasons // Lil SilvaSirens // Badboy bantonHeard what I said // Skitz BeatsBig Pimpin // Timberland and Jay zSalt Fish // ManiacDead Prez Hip hop remix // BlackJackWizard // Dj Silencer Firefly // WileyRider // Davinche
  22. Dj Mad Vybez and DJ DLK AXE FM 9pm til 11pm 22/7/09www.axefm.co.uk/Yes people, This week DLK is going to be passing through on the show doinga mixing session, got a bag of grime bangers to be playing.Yes I am back on www.urbanfmtv.com Mondays 10pm til 12amfirst show back was on monday Wolf came down and tore up the place(dont have audio sorry).Big up the crew who caught A.K, Jammin and the rest of the nationality man dem on the show. Will hopefully get the audio tonight of that show.Deadly and Shaggidy will be passing through on the show very soon so look out for that.Remember look out for the grime city sets and vids coming very soon
  23. http://www.grimedaily.com/site/2009/07/13/...id-and-ozzie-b/
  24. Fresh from my cousin who works at FACT magazine... Another Funky one so soon though...Wargwarn?They need to ether get Vectra, MA1 or Youngsta to do Rinse:11 thoughPersonally another Bassline/4x4 CD would be good to hear, but I see PaleFace don't play on Rinse anymore (someone confirm)
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