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  1. BackToDaLab


    I swear the 50/50 single is meant 2 be out soonisit a bit early 2 no if its bein released in june stillhope dis video makes a gd impression of the grime scene still
  2. all in one - off the railswear this is the best grime mixtape ive heard. can almost listen the whole way thruevery other grime mixtape has like 5 good tunes maxif he had better bars it wud be sicker. but the production is sickle
  3. raaa dis tune is sick http://www.myspace.com/chunkbeezey free download off dere stillhes makin some nice beets still
  4. right for my final major project of my first year at uni, im going to create a fullly functional, properly pressed and printed comic book from scratch.BASICALLY, it was gona be about Wiley but iv now changed my mind and have the following options.a) chose some highlights of wileys story thus far and document them in comic book form. metaphoricalize (is that a word? lol) everything, ie, Wiley = Hero, ppl hes clashed = villians, NY = woman he cant have cos of who he is, Music = Powers, etc etcc) Roman Road Stories - do 3 or 4 short stories that have taken place in or around Roman Road or at leas
  5. I have spoken to a number of professionally minded and successful artists who recently have been unable to get their music into HMV stores. This is following the poor treatment of Tinchy Stryder as I received many messages saying you guys were unable to even find his single in your local HMVs at all despite it being professionally released and marketed, even receiving Kiss fm daytime rotation.What I want to do is put together a petition showing HMV how many people are out there who would try and buy our music if it was easily available in their stores.If you went out to try and suppor ttinchy
  6. Do you think that style of music, Grime producers using Grime sounds and interpreting that old school House and Garage vibe, could help to bring an extra dimension to the music? :-P
  7. jus found dis on my pc, allstar pr featurin statik, da vinchie, skepta, jon e cash, youngstar, plasticman, hinzy d, eastwood rapid, wonder, dj marsta, j sweet & scandaloussome big beats from what sum ppl fink r the better days of grime http://www.sendspace.com/file/vuf608
  8. Guest

    Asher D

    So hes back on the grime thing..... what do think anout it...his top 3 selected was ok still....His new tracks... G.R.I.M.E / Freeze.... [/url][/url][/url][/url][/url][/url]feeling the freeze beat.... that so solid sound..... hope oxide comes back and merks the grime...
  9. Whats your top 3 fave track out of the most recent-ish mixtapes.Ny'sSomething realNo1 ever caredWillowIm virtually feeling the whole mixtape bar a few.Frisco'sTime is rightAiya NapaGrime musicAdd yours.
  10. I think he is a big lyricist, probably one of the best in the Grime scene, but he can get boring.I prefer Wretch on tracks than Wretch on a set.What do u lot think?
  11. I am sick and tired of people saying this to me, grime is obviously not dead as it is growing and evolving by the day. How do these Grime doubters ever expect the scene to 'blow' or whatever they see as the opposite of it dieing, if they have no faith in it?What are your opinions, i know there have been a zillion of these topics but this is one for those of us who aren't a load of whiny pessimists.
  12. Safe - The Sixth podcast is ready to download!If you have already subscribed to the podcast then just go to your iTunes or whatever you have used and right click it and press update. And...Just to go over things incase you are new to this or if you have forgotten...So I have started this grime podcast for people to download through iTunes as well as using other applications that can be found on the net (if u hate iTunes or something) and basically the sets are going to be 30+ minutes of new grime instrumentals/vocals.To get the podcast and to subscribe to it:1. Open up iTunes and click on the
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