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  1. Title: Timmi Magic @ Sun City 1997Genre: UK GarageFile Size: 56.29 MBLink: http://media.slicknfresh.com/mixes/timmi_m...sun_city_97.mp3Title: Karl 'Tuff Enuff' Brown @ Sun City 1997Genre: UK GarageFile Size: 45.93 MBDownload: http://media.slicknfresh.com/mixes/karl_br...sun_city_97.mp3Title: Jason Kaye @ Sun City 1997Genre: UK GarageFile Size: 60.57 MBDownload: http://media.slicknfresh.com/mixes/jason_k...sun_city_97.mp3Title: Hermit @ Sun City 1997Genre: UK GarageFile Size: 67.57 MB (total)Download Part 1: http://media.slicknfresh.com/mixes/dj_herm...un_city_97a.mp3Download Part 2: http://media.slicknfresh.com/mixes/dj_herm...un_city_97b.mp3Title: Sun City - The Collectors PackGenre: UK GarageFile Size: All Approx. 53MBDownload: Tape 1: http://media.slicknfresh.com/mixes/sun.cit...y.mr.brainz.mp3Download: Tape 3: http://media.slicknfresh.com/mixes/sun.cit...y.mr.brainz.mp3Download: Tape 4: http://media.slicknfresh.com/mixes/sun.cit...y.mr.brainz.mp3Download: Tape 5: http://media.slicknfresh.com/mixes/sun.cit...y.mr.brainz.mp3Download: Tape 6: http://media.slicknfresh.com/mixes/sun.cit...y.mr.brainz.mp3
  2. DJ Moe // ManicFM // Thursdays 4pm-6pmwww.myspace.com/deejay_moe (DJ Moe) www.manicfm.mypodcast.comPart 1 (Vocal Mix)...http://www.mypodcast.com/fsaudio/manicfm_2..._1600-86654.mp3 ('Right Click' & 'Save Target As')Part 2 (Instrumental Mix)...http://www.mypodcast.com/fsaudio/manicfm_2..._1800-86706.mp3 ('Right Click' & 'Save Target As')===================================TracklistingMad-Hatterz ft. Mary J Blige - Be Without You (Tantalise Records)Midnight Circus - So Devine (Damaged Goods Recordings)Likrish Muzik - Over With You (CDR)Restless Natives - I Wanna Know (NorthWest10)Logic - Blues For You (Hard Dub) (Strictly Rarities)Todd Edwards - Saved My Life (I Records)Unknown - I Miss You (White)MRP Dubs Vol.7 - He Is (Mr Pud Vocal Mix) (MRP Recordings)Sunship - Check 1, Check 2 (Filter)Garage Allstars - The Vulture (Scott Garcia & Shubzie 2Step Mix) (M.I.Raw)Dragon - Bitch (Riddler Dubz Vol.2)Wookie - Storm (Manchu)Midnight Circus - Complicated (Sunship Vocal Mix) (Damaged Goods Recordings)*Random Records*FPI Project - Going Back Roots (RUMOUR)The Family Stand - Ghetto Heaven (Atlantic)*4x4 Mix*Morph - Toy Soldiers (J3DI Recordings)Pretty Ricky - Your Body (Mask Remix)T2 - Why (Mr V Remix)DJ Q - Shottas (Shottas EP)T2 ft. Jodie Aysha - Heartbroken (Power House)Pitch Blakk - Drop Da Bass (Dub)DJ Klassic ft. Brandy - Think About U (Baby) (Neon EP)Kele Le Roc - Naked (Spoilt Rotten)TS7 - Flip Flop VIP (Heatseeker)Agent X ft. JD aka Dready - Return Of The Boss (Heatseeker)Mystro ft. Beyonce - He Said Remix (CDR)EJ - Drop The 4x4 Remix (Suited n' Booted Vol.1)Dexplicit ft. Giglez - Ready Remix (DXP Recordings)Paleface - Paper Bag (Northern Line)Rekless ft. Narstie - N Dot A Dot Wow (Northern Line)===================================Big up
  3. I swear this genre is the best to find people and go "Oh yeah, I remember that track", pure memories because you hardly find there being any old-skool sets because there isn't really a new-skool of the genre.Try not to repeat a song that someone else has said please.I'll get the ball rolling with..."Stick & Ms Dynamite - Boo" Big tune and the Acoustic Headquarters remix was sick aswell.
  4. Listen & Download Here: http://www.divshare.com/download/1118035-b22
  5. http://www.ukgmp3.co.uk/Ran by UDM
  6. not them rossi b and lua move to da floor ones. ones with the all time classics and bait songs?
  7. [hide:0730662347]http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N7DMU97N[/hide:0730662347]for the heads who wanted some more karl brown...
  8. @ Garage Fever 2003[hide:d470790026]http://www.sendspace.com/file/be9yay[/hide:d470790026]
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