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Found 3 results

  1. Yeah I said it Im blusky n wna do my mizzus somewhere in public later on The little train shelters are only good for late evenings (not that Ive had the priviledge with her neway) But yeah shd be a funny thread where have you dun di deed?
  2. What was/is your dinner table like when you were younger, with the family, nowadays etc? I remember there was a time where we all crammed into one corner of the kitchen to eat, mum said we shouldn't eat in the sitting room, the regular banter would follow the lines of eating/handling food with left hand and often the way my older bro stores all his food in one cheek when he eats. I remember carrying a bowl of soapy water to my parents whenever we ate Fufu, Akple, Banku or any of the soft-soup combos. My sisters would always rush their food to run and watch Eastenders, because the rice didn't wait for anyone. Also for some reason me and my bro used to have some mad competitive beef over who finished their food the quickest, I think it's cos' my mum would declare the first to finish "the winner", who ever won would hold their spoon up in victory, and when my sisters came along the competition relaxed between us and they carried on the dinner plate derbies. In recent times we are back in the living room at home, and cos I'm here in exile at uni my dinnertable is my desk so rice, lappy, book, sperm all grace the same surface. Yours?
  3. Mandem if the corners retreat that far back, before a certain age would you consider it? I'm pretty sure my hairline will stay until I hit my late 40's - 50's looking at my pops, but after observing what is happening to some of my friends in their early 20's it could get peak without warning. So if lets say you ended up like Zizou with patches mid-20s would you? Would the money factor in?
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