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Found 2 results

  1. Just wondering if there are any original RWD forum heads on here? Dan said there would be... I was the creator of the forum and website all those years ago... I'm doing some research and wanted to collect some information on old posts and topics, who remembers the time Wiley used to come on and say things like 'your nan is a lorry driver?" Basically... i'm wondering if anyone has any screenshots of that? Also can anyone remember what his username was on there? Any help massively appreciated... Also please feel free to share your funniest moments, my top 3 are: - When As
  2. Who Am I Game? (VIP2 Edition) I went to university in Hertfordshire, where I managed to pull majority of the Greek girls. I am a garage Dj and I specialise in romance. I use to drive a red Fiesta, many people on this website do not like me. In 2006 in I went to Malia but unfortunately I never pulled any girls. My friend was tragically killed by his brother. My brother is a washed up grime Mc who puts work on the road. I love everything wrestling. Who am I? I am a rapper from north London, I have been in the wars I enjoy buying mixtapes. I have a infamous incident when I went to the cashpo
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