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Found 1 result

  1. Who Am I Game? (VIP2 Edition) I went to university in Hertfordshire, where I managed to pull majority of the Greek girls. I am a garage Dj and I specialise in romance. I use to drive a red Fiesta, many people on this website do not like me. In 2006 in I went to Malia but unfortunately I never pulled any girls. My friend was tragically killed by his brother. My brother is a washed up grime Mc who puts work on the road. I love everything wrestling. Who am I? I am a rapper from north London, I have been in the wars I enjoy buying mixtapes. I have a infamous incident when I went to the cashpoint to Withdraw money to buy a mixtape? Who am I? I use to reside in Southampton but after my marriage failed. I moved to south London. I am an undercover bosh who has worked in the pub entertainment Industry. I once feared a fellow viper had got me pregnant and started to Gas up the forum. Who am I? I was used for sex by a famous grime mc, which ended up with me being exposed all over the net. I have been in a serious relationship with a man in his 50’s And also a fellow viper. I do not have eyebrows. I had to move from my home town to the midlands because of the abuse I received. Who am I? Add yours (Has potential)
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