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Don't bring my name into this.It has absolutely f*ck all to do with me hense my absence.Aquaman I mentioned it ONCE out of self exposure. So you can shut your trap. Don't ever say my name on this forum or make reference to me again. You are on the same level as Rare 1 and Malika and other waste users.
dnt take my name in vain. concentrate on not gettin ur yute confiscated by socialsafe xx
Hardy Har.10 out of 10 for effort but frankly I couldn't give a monkeys.Go and have an MSN chat with Rare 1. Don't watch me, don't watch my son - I didn't think there were peadophiles on here still.
so uve been absent butu know rare1 has been a d*ckhead?dat was yesterday. u have no vid u just bluffed it n got messy to merk herselfwell done still. its dead now tho
You fool. I saw his topic. Replied to his topic and he's been messaging me on MySpace.Read my last posts.I don't see what your problem is with me. I don't even talk to you, you didn't even exist until you called me out.
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