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Of course I love ya Darlingyour a bloody top notch birdand when I say ur gorgeousI mean every single wordSo ya bum is on the big sideI don't mind a bit of flabit means that when I'm ready theres something there to grabSo your belly isn't flat no moreI tell ya, I don't careSo long as when I cuddle yaI can get my arms around thereNo Sheila who's your agehas nice round perky breaststhey just gave into gravity but I know ya did ya bestI'm tellin ya the truth nowI never tell ya liesI think its very sexyThat you have got dimples on ya thighsI swear on me Nanna's grave nowthe moment that we metI thought u was as good asI was ever going to get.No matter wot U look likeI'll always love ya dearNow shut up while the footys onand get me another beer!

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