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Chelsea- "We dont want any white players"

Guest Bret Hart

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Lol @ you even noticing something like that & then saying no Race-O.With the game of football becoming quicker & more physical it's natural that black plp are now dominating the sport lolRobben is brilliant but feeble, Malouda is a strong & won't be constantly injured.

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malouda will flop at chelseaalso malouda is west indian and is sound technically.if robben leaves arsenal can win the title.
More than half of the black people in France are West Indian.Also Malouda is sick for anyone doubting, he's gona r*pe certain guys if he does go Chelsea.
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Liverpool should get robben, they need a good left winger and hes more than good.Maluda aint on robbens level, robbens one of the best around on his day, if only he could find his form he had in his first season at chelsea and keep fit.
I would literally cry if that happened.
Lol chelsea should hang on to him, but he gets rotated to much n sh*t, should have a long run in the team and show his true class.
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