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what have i been doing lately...Hmmmm... well Been back on the bookings, establishing myself back on radio with Deja, whch is working out nicely for us at the mo.have promoters ring us up left right and centre about bookings at various house raves, ie Houseolgy etc...Forthcoming bookings so far are:4th Feb - Bar HQ/Croydon - Sexy 1st Fridays6th Feb - Departure - Red Carpet10th Feb - DV8 - Top T Under 18's Rave10th Feb - Brockwells/Brockwell Park SW - RnB Set11th Feb - Scarla - Remberance/La Cosa Nostra18th Feb - Departure - Tippa & IC Bday bash/TouchPlus some other stuff on rotation in croydon...Busy lad meplus ive been trying to get me leg over, same old sleaze from me biggrin.gif

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11th Feb - Scarla - Remberance/La Cosa Nostra
Might reach this! biggrin.gif Now my situation's changed! Who else playin?Big up Tipper gettin back on the bandwagon!
f*ck knows, 3 rooms man, all massive line ups.we are in funky house room
Sweet!If Im there, I'll be brockin out my deep funky house moves!HA HA!
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