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Ok cool, so I got back yest. It was my first visit. Firstly - wrap up warm if you're going in Winter or Autumn. Northern Europe is cold and wet. Take decent waterproof creps, gloves and a hat if you

The Rob Van

cant leave vip2 without upping this btich tho...she mainly chills at Haarlem...after 11pm..if u can talk smart....shes priceless

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My boys just come back from there and they smuggled some weed over was blazing some orange thing last night swear on my life I have never had a buzz like that before its nutswho has been they were telling me about the red light district aswell about the women in the windows look like models said they could not take pics cozz its against the law to take pics of the RLD swear down I am going in 9 weekswho has been?

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I go over to Holland quite a bit to see Ajax, (one of my best mates from uni is a big fan)I dont smoke too much weed so couldnt tell you bout that too much, but the RLD is nice enough, not been with any prostitute over there, but the strip clubs they got are sick, and its cheap, but class quality.

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